Episode 50 | Women Raped & Sexually Assaulted In Abortion Clinics
Episode Synopsis:

They went in for a “safe and legal abortion,” and came out a victim of sexual assault or rape. This week, we discuss the hidden epidemic of women being raped and sexually assaulted in abortion clinics and how the media and women’s groups, including #MeToo, ignores it. We go over real cases and provide listeners with clips of police interviews with the clinic workers of an abortionist who was eventually convicted of 22 counts of sexual misconduct involving 35 women. Finally, we explain the driving forces behind this epidemic, such as the environment in the industry, clinic workers covering for the rapists, and how anesthesia plays a role.

Episode Duration: 33 min

In This Episode We Discuss:
  1. Greetings (00:23)
  2. Investigating rape & sexual assault in abortion clinics (02:14)
  3. How we discovered this (2:25)
  4. The media coverup (3:53)
  5. The driving forces behind rape and sexual assault in the abortion industry (5:04)
  6. Cases we found (8:42)
  7. The role that anesthesia plays (10:19)
  8. Clinic workers covering for rapists (11:31)
  9. More cases (12:52)
  10. Brian Finkle (17:16)
  11. Clips from police interviews with Finkle’s employees (22:23)
  12. Women betrayed (26:05)
  13. Closing Statements (30:40)

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