Have you been hurt by abortion?

Those injured in abortions do not have to suffer in silence.

Injury resulting from an abortion is not uncommon. People think that because abortion is legal then it must be safe. That is definitely not the case. Women are injured and hurt by abortions on a daily basis; most people just don’t hear about it and the abortion industry tries to cover it up as much as they can. Both legal and emotional help is available to women who have been victimized and their rights compromised. The doctors and clinics must be held accountable for their actions.

It is also important to recognize that physical injury or assault is not the only way that abortionists take away women’s rights. All underage girls who obtain services such as an abortion, birth control, a pregnancy test, or treatment for a sexually transmitted disease may be able to sue a doctor or clinic that provided services and did not comply with the state’s mandatory reporting laws. Likewise, a parent or guardian of an underage girl could pursue a similar lawsuit.

If you are a woman who has been injured by abortion, then call Life Dynamics.

No matter how bad you may be feeling, know that you are not alone. You need to recognize that no abortionist should be allowed to get away with medical malpractice or sexual assault. Don’t allow your injury or assault to go unreported, because that only covers up the situation and subjects other women to similar victimization. By standing up for your rights you can also help protect other women from harassment, assault, or poor medical practices.

Life Dynamics will help you stand up for your rights. We maintain a network of over 700 attorneys who are ready to take abortion-related cases. We’ve researched hundreds of abortion malpractice cases and understand the issues you are facing. Please give us a call to discuss your situation and receive an explanation of how we can help you. Our services are 100% free of charge.

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Our services are 100% free of charge.