Racism Inside The Abortion Industry

Racism Inside The Abortion Industry

“In the era of Black Lives Matter it is indefensible that we are using taxpayer dollars to fund racism.”

– Mark Crutcher (President of Life Dynamics)

In the wake of Black Lives Matter, several former employees of Planned Parenthood and other pro-choice organizations have come forward and stated that they witnessed overt and widespread racism inside these groups. Similar reports have been leaking out of the abortion industry in recent weeks.

For inquires or requests for interviews, please contact Sheila Crutcher at sheila@lifedynamics.com or (940) 380-8800.

Check out this episode of our Pro-Life America podcast discussing the overt and widespread racism witnessed by abortion industry employees and why we are calling for a congressional investigation and defunding of these organizations.

Employees Speak Out Today!

Other employees of reproductive healthcare facilities are quitting, saying they witnessed widespread racism inside these organizations. These brave whistleblowers need your help!

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Join us as we demand the IMMEDIATE defunding of these abortion organizations AND a congressional investigation into these allegations.

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