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The Pro-Life America Podcast

Exciting, provocative and sometimes controversial,
our pro-life podcast covers abortion and the ongoing cultural civil war in a way you have never seen it before.


The Hosts

Mark Crutcher

Mark is the founder and president of Life Dynamics, author, and long time activist for the unborn who has always thought outside the box when it comes to ending abortion.

Sarah Waites

Sarah is a renegade millennial who hasn’t bought into socialism, identity politics, and the outrage culture the left has thrust onto her generation.

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Recent Episodes

Episode 132 | Responding To Pro-Choice Comments / Arguments – Volume 2

Listeners who enjoyed episode 66, where we respond to pro-choice comments on Instagram, will be in for a treat this week. On this episode of the Pro-Life America podcast, we respond to pro-choice arguments and comments made by pro-choicers online. From tweets, to videos, to Reddit threads, to YouTube comments, we searched for some of the best examples of pro-choice logic. Enjoy!
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Episode 131 | Latest Abortion Related News Reveals Who Is Actually Extreme

This week on the Pro-Life America podcast, we discuss how Democrats are rallying against protecting babies born alive during abortions and calling it “extreme.” Meanwhile, new research by the Abortion Survivors Network reveals that 1,900+ children are “potentially” surviving abortions each year in the U.S. – contradicting claims from the left that abortion survivors are rare. And as some states are setting up to become abortion tourist hotspots, some pharmacies are expressing hesitation over offering the abortion pill in response to the FDA’s decision last week.
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Episode 128 | Why Are Unmarried Women More Likely To Vote Democrat?

This week on the Pro-Life America podcast, we go over exit poll data and discuss the reasons why unmarried women are, as one reporter phrased it, “a Democratic bonanza.” Plus, we cover the FDA’s changes to Plan B package warnings, and a UK woman who was arrested for praying silently near an abortion clinic. Perhaps the New Year isn’t ringing in 2023, but 1984.
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