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Exciting, provocative and sometimes controversial,
our pro-life podcast covers abortion and the ongoing
cultural civil war in a way you have never seen it before.

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Current Episode

Past Episodes:

Episode 151 | It’s All About the $$$

As Life Dynamics president, Mark Crutcher, always said, to understand the abortion issue just follow the money! In this week’s episode, we follow the money and expose how it is all about the Benjamins! …

Episode 150 | Abandoning Life For Abortion

From shoving an abortion mandate into a law designed to protect pregnant women, to the weaponization of FACE, and the dramatic difference in the way to two killers were charged for the murder of babies – the news reveals what happens when governments switch from protecting life to protecting abortion. …

Episode 149 | The Disgraceful Clergy Endorsing Abortion From The

Imagine a pastor standing at a podium wearing a pink Planned Parenthood stole, preaching a sermon defending abortion – and defending THEIR abortion. If this sounds like a work of fiction destined for a book or movie, you would be wrong. Special Guest Reverend Dr. Johnny Hunter joins the show this week to discuss the growing number of clergy, not only embracing abortion, but promoting it from the pulpit….

Episode 148 | The Challenges Of Being Pro-Life

What do you think is the hardest thing about being pro-life? Does it have to do with how it has affected relationships? Or does it have to do with the nasty comments and bullying from those on the other side? We reveal the things that we have struggled with and share what our followers had to say. We hope this episode helps anyone who has ever dealt with the occasional challenges of being proudly pro-life….

Episode 147 | Abortion Is “Sacred” To The Left

Is abortion a necessity for military readiness? A Biden administration official says “yes” – adding that abortion a “sacred obligation.” We discuss this and the growing list of men caught drugging pregnant women with abortion drugs, and a new “civility score” for podcasts and what that could mean for those who dare to tell the truth about abortion. Plus, recent interviews with a “pro-life politician,” reveals why we need to be asking the right questions about the unborn to those running for any office….

Past Guests:

Mark Lee Dickson

Director of Right To Life of East Texas, and founder of the “sanctuary city for the unborn” movement.

Pastor Stephen Broden

Pro-Life Activist, Pastor, and Political Commentator

Angela Lanfranchi

M.D., F.A.C.S.

President of the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute

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What People Are Saying About The Pro-Life America Podcast


via Apple Podcasts

I look forward to hearing what Mark and company have to say every week. This podcast encourages me to be positive about the pro-life movement and to know we are not alone. I use many of their quotes in my own life. God is good.

Meet The Hosts

Mark Crutcher

Mark Crutcher

Mark is the founder and president of Life Dynamics, author, and long time activist for the unborn who has always thought outside the box when it comes to ending abortion.

Sarah Waites

Sarah Waites

Sarah is a renegade millennial who hasn’t bought into socialism, identity politics, and the outrage culture the left has thrust onto her generation. She is also a writer for the Pro-Life Voice (a pro-life newsletter).

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