House Of Horrors:

Clinics With Bad Habits & Dirty Secrets

One of the pro-abortion crowd’s favorite justifications for legalized abortion is that women can get the type of care they need in clinics that are clean and safe, instead of relying on shady methods/places to terminate their pregnancies.

They claim that clinics and staff have to follow certain procedures and live up to the standards that are implemented by both the federal and state government. Despite the few regulations on paper for these clinics, clinics across the country have a history of choosing to neglect the standards – including unsanitary conditions, incompetent and unqualified employees, and failure to have necessary life saving equipment.

In this section, you will learn about what is really going on in abortion clinics across America.

While reading this, it is important to remember that this is just a small fraction of examples of what goes on every day across the U.S., most of which go unreported. And the same types of conditions and the dangers of abortion procedures that are true for America, are also true in other countries around the world.

When someone, whether it be the doctor or clinic receptionist or the nurses, or whomever, once they cross that line of going into the killing business- and believe me they know they are in the killing business, better than anybody else-when that happens, all the other things that normally attend a medical environment evaporate. In other words, their concern about the patient goes away. Their concern about cleanliness, about medical ethics and standards goes away. The abortion industry wants you to think that an abortion clinic is just like any other freestanding clinic, except they happen to do abortions rather than some other medical procedure. We want people to understand that’s not what’s going on here.

– Mark Crutcher, Author of Lime 5

A Tour Of A Closed Abortion Clinic

After years of being in the pro-life movement, Life Dynamics knows just how bad abortion clinics can be. Life Dynamics president, Mark Crutcher, was able to experience first hand how clinics and abortionists don’t respect their clients or what they do.

After an abortion clinic in Kansas could not pay its rent, the owner of the building placed the building up for sale. A pro-life group, Operation Rescue, purchased the building.

According to Operation Rescue:

There was mold, and general filth. The carpets outside the abortion rooms were stained with blood, even though it was evident that some effort had been made to clean them. The ceiling nearby was broken. All of the walls were dirty and some were covered with cheap contact paper instead of being properly maintained. Under the sink was one of the biggest garbage disposals I have ever seen. The entire area had the stench of death. It was the sink where the suction machine bottles were washed. In fact, dried blood could be seen that had seeped out from the metal band that surrounded the sink top. There was a bucket marked ‘biohazard’ next to the sink.

After applying a substance called luminol, a reagent that glows bright in the dark when it comes in contact with even minute traces of human blood, witnesses reported that:

The walls looked like there had been a chain saw massacre in there. We couldn’t believe our eyes. We certainly did not expect to find that much blood in the recovery area. It appeared that carpeting had been laid after some very bloody event, or events, had taken place in that room. We were absolutely shocked.

Mark Crutcher, along with a camera crew, accompanied Operation Rescue’s President Troy Newman on a tour of the former abortion clinic. What they saw was revolting…

Cease & Desist Order Issued For Abortion Clinic

Abortion clinics have a long history of difficulty in finding doctors with valid licenses who will perform abortions. The reason for this is that, all-too-often, their doctors often have trouble keeping their licenses. Frequently, clinics and doctors are either in jeopardy of losing their license, have lost their license, or never had a proper license to begin with.

A good example happened in 2005, when the Family Planning Medical Center, in California, was investigated for operating illegally. [1] The State Department of Health Services issued a cease-and-desist order to the clinic. Norma Arceo, spokeswoman for the California State Department of Health said, “We did a cease-and-desist order to Win Management (the management company for the clinic) for illegally operating a clinic. The doors are in fact closed.”

The state said that the clinic had been operating illegally because it did not have a license, which was required by state law, and the clinic was not run by a physician.

Lies, Lies, & More Lies

In order for abortionists to legally perform abortions, they are required to have a license that is issued by the state that they practice in. Often times though, state medical boards run across dirty little secrets that an abortionist tries to keep covered up, because it would put their license in jeopardy.

Abortionist Vinod K. Goyal is a great example.

On November 17, 2004, the Wisconsin Medical Examining Board reviewed the application for medical licensure submitted by Goyal. In their findings, the Wisconsin Board noted that in 1992 and 1993, the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation (IDPR) received four complaints from insurance carriers alleging that Goyal’s clinics had provided inaccurate information regarding charges for services.

Goyal entered into a stipulation for settlement with the IDPR to resolve the complaints. As part of the settlement, Goyal agreed to revise his office intake forms (to avoid future problems with inaccurate fee quotes), to discontinue in efforts to collect unpaid fees in connection with the inaccurate fee quotes, and to pay a fine of $4,000.00. In addition, the IDPR placed Goyal’s medical license on a two-year probation period.

But that wasn’t the end to his dirty little secrets, it was just the tip of the iceberg.

In 1996, Goyal agreed to a reprimand by the IDPR due to a misleading statement he made during a proceeding for a Certificate of Need application for the relocation of his medical office. Goyal wanted to open an abortion clinic in Arlington Heights; and had told the Illinois Health Facilities Board that he needed to move the clinic from Des Plaines to Arlington Heights – because of “abhorrent conditions”.

Dennis Tobin, Goyal’s attorney, told the Chicago Daily Herald that Goyal was dissatisfied with how much money he was shelling out to fix problems at the building; which they claimed the landlord wouldn’t take care of. [2] Really though, Goyal lied when he told the Illinois Health Facilities Board that the building was full of rodents and dirty rooms, placing his abortion patients in jeopardy. The lie was just a scam for profit reasons alone!

In a signed consent order, Goyal admitted the statements he had made about the physical conditions were misleading. He was ordered to pay a $2,000.00 fine in connection with the disciplinary action against his license.

However, Goyal’s troubles didn’t begin there. A report provided by the IDPR indicates nine malpractice claims had been filed against abortionist Goyal from 1978 to 1996. The majority of the suits were settled out of court by the insurance carrier. Goyal was dismissed as a party in at least three of the malpractice actions because he was not directly involved in the patient care.

(Note: Despite his long history of misconduct, as of 2018 Goyal was still practicing medicine. As of 2022, he is licensed in Florida and Michigan.)

No License? No Problem

It’s a common misconception today that America’s clinics can offer women a safe procedure that is under the supervision of licensed staff. Often, the opposite is true, as seen in this example.

Photo by The Birmingham News

In 2006, the Tuscaloosa News reported that the New Woman All Women Health Care clinic in Birmingham, Alabama, was expected to be placed on probation for several health deficiencies. [3] The last time the abortion clinic had even been inspected prior to the 2006 inspection had been two years earlier. During that 2004 inspection, the Alabama Department of Public Health noted that the New Woman Abortion Clinic hadn’t updated their policy and procedure manual since 1996. They also found that several patients had received counseling from non-licensed staff prior to their abortions, and that the clinic did not have a required infection control committee and did not investigate potential infections.

On November 18, 2006, Birmingham’s NBC 13 reported that health officials had found violations, including an administrator ordering and diverting narcotics for her own personal use. [4]

In the Alabama Department of Public Health inspection report, dated 11/30/2006, the state found that the administrator of the abortion clinic was a licensed practical nurse whose license had been revoked for drug abuse. Other violations listed in the report, included patients not being given pre-operative medication on time. In at least ten incidents that were outlined in the report, a review of the procedure sheets revealed that no pregnancy tests were performed. In at least nine patients, inspectors noted that a review of the medical records showed that no ultra sounds had been performed prior to procedures. Interviews with the clinic administrator revealed to inspectors that phone calls by patients with complications after their procedures, were taken by a person who was not a licensed nurse. Also, noted on the report is the fact that the clinic failed to submit the required forms to report terminations to the state.

The state found that the abortion clinic failed to examine the baby to determine the proper gestational age and viability prior to abortions. They also found that there was no policy for the bleach mixture that was used to sanitize the abortion utensils and procedure rooms.

NBC 13 also reported that the Alabama Department of Public Health attorney, Pat Ivie, said that lawyers for the New Woman All Women Health Care abortion clinic planned to sign forms consenting to the findings and would voluntarily go on probation.

When the state legislature sought to change abortion clinic regulations requiring that “all physicians associated with the facility must be board eligible or board certified in obstetrics,” Diane Derzis, owner of New Woman Healthcare in Birmingham, said three out of five of her physicians wouldn’t meet the proposed standard.

It was also reported that during testimony of the changes, Matthew Phillips, a local gynecologist, said he’s witnessed instances where women had come into local emergency rooms with post-abortion complications and the clinic would not provide the name of a clinic doctor, instead relying on a nurse practitioner to pass along the message.

Finally, in 2013, ABC 3340 reported that a judge in Jefferson County “issued a permanent injunction against the owner/operator”, shutting down the clinic. [5]

“A Flagrant Disregard For The Law”

Oftentimes when abortionists’ licenses get suspended or their clinics get closed down, it is discovered that not just a single regulation has been violated, but several. Abortionists and clinic staff are often repeat offenders, completely disregarding states’ regulations and the safety of their clients.

Florida abortionist and clinic owner James Pendergraft is a great example of this.

Pendergraft, in August of 2006, had his license suspended for allegedly performing two illegal abortions at an Orlando clinic. Five years prior to the investigation by the Florida Health Department, he went to prison on charges of trying to extort payments from Marion County officials in negotiations over a new abortion clinic.

The emergency license-suspension order filed by the Florida Health Department (DOH) said that Pendergraft prescribed drugs without appropriate authorization in two third trimester abortions that he had performed in 2004 and 2005.

DOH secretary, M. Rony Francios, MD stated in Pendergraft’s emergency suspension order:

The Florida Legislature has recognized the inherent dangers relating to third trimester abortions. Dr. Pendergraft demonstrated a flagrant disregard for the laws of the State of Florida and a willingness to endanger the lives and health of pregnant patients by performing third trimester abortions outside of a hospital and without obtaining a concurring physician’s opinion.

In the 2004 case, Pendergraft reportedly prescribed a 22-year-old abortion patient the drug Cytotec, used to initiate labor for abortions. She later gave birth to the aborted baby on her living room floor and went to the emergency room of a local hospital, suffering from abdominal pain and bleeding.

Food and Drug Administration documents state that Cytotec can cause the uterus to rupture if given to pregnant women past 8 weeks. It also states that patients must be advised of the dangers of the drug prior to administering it.

Brandi Brown, a spokeswoman at the Agency for Health Care Administration, which regulates Florida abortion clinics stated:

“We feel Dr. Pendergraft has demonstrated an unwillingness to comply with Florida law, and have therefore taken immediate action to safeguard the health, safety and well-being of his patients and to preclude any further harm being done to future patients.”

But in 2013, the Orlando Women’s Center, an abortion clinic tied to Pendergraft was still open and operating, when it was raided by authorities.

The Orlando Women’s Center reopened shortly afterwards, even though “the clinic had to borrow equipment because the previous equipment [was] still in possession of the sheriff’s office”. Pendergraft, at the time, did not have his license but reopened the clinic with six other physicians and was in the “process of getting his license back”. [7]

In December of 2018 (while his medical license was under suspension for a fifth time for substandard abortion practices), Pendergraft’s Florida medical license was finally revoked in relation to being charged for operating an illegal home abortion and drug distribution business out of the back of a van in South Carolina, where he never held a license to practice medicine. [8]

Now owned (technically) by his former wife, the Orlando Women’s Center has been renamed Center of Orlando For Women and and continues to offer both surgical abortions and abortion pills. However, the clinic could soon be closed. The clinic’s latest fine of $193,000 for failing to abide by a 24 hour wait period law is reported to “likely bankrupt [the clinic] and put it out of business,” according to the clinic’s attorney.

When The Summit Comes Crashing Down

Also in Birmingham, Alabama, there was another incident in which employees tried to hide what was going on behind closed doors.

The Summit Medical Center was brought into the spotlight in 2006, after an emergency order was issued by State Health officials to close the clinic after it was found to be dispensing RU-486 without a doctor. RU-486 is only supposed to be administered by doctors, rather than clinic staff.

The patient who was administered RU-486 was told at the time that she was six weeks pregnant. She was rushed to the emergency room of the Birmingham hospital, six days later, with the head of her baby protruding from her. At the hospital, the woman delivered a stillborn, macerated, six-pound four-ounce baby that was well beyond the six-week estimate the clinic claimed. “It was nearly full term,” said state health officer, Dr. Donald Williamson.

Once state health officials were notified, they found that Summit’s records falsely indicated that the clinic’s abortionist performed the ultrasound and provided the abortion. Further investigation revealed that the physician listed on the clinic’s files, was not even present at the clinic the day the abortion drug was administered.

Another patient told the Birmingham News that, “she felt sick, when she heard the story” because she was still running a fever and having complications from a surgical abortion that she had received from Summit the same month; plus, she had just made a follow-up appointment.

Also, The Decatur Daily News reported in a 2006 article, that rather than fighting upcoming state charges, the clinic surrendered its license. [9] The charges stemmed from accusations that a clinic worker was allowed to perform an abortion without a doctor present. The director of the Alabama Department of Public Health, Dr. Donald Williamson, called off any formal hearings concerning the clinic after they closed, stating, “They surrendered their license and are out of business. There’s nothing to hear at this point.”

Not willing to let the nonsense that went on at the Summit Clinic go unpunished, on December 8, 2006, Alabama’s Attorney General, Troy King, announced the arrest of Janet Onthank King, the former administrator of the clinic. According the Attorney General, Janet King was charged with illegally performing abortions at the clinic.

A press release issued by the attorney general, said that the abortionist was charged in two separate indictments with two instances of knowingly or recklessly performing abortions as a non-physician, in violation of Code of Alabama Section 26-23A-3(7). A third indictment charged King with falsifying business records by making false entries into equipment sterilization reports, that were required by the state to be kept.

Like He’s Suppose To Remember All The Protocols

Abortionists are notorious for getting their licenses suspended or even revoked, sometimes even in multiple states. It was a similar case for abortionist Gideon M. Kioko, who had his medical license suspended by the Maryland Board of Physicians (case # 2005-0499) in November of 2005.

But as The Washington Post had reported, that was not the first time that Kioko was disciplined by the state board. In two previous occasions the board had disciplined Kioko but failed to revoke his license. [10] According to the article, Kioko was presented to the board following the death of one abortion patient and the permanent brain damage suffered by another.

One of the complaints stated that on January 13, 2005, the board received a complaint from the risk manager at Washington Adventist Hospital. He stated that on December 1, 2004, a 26-year-old patient was admitted to the emergency room of the hospital by ambulance after an incomplete abortion performed by Kioko.

When paramedics arrived at the clinic, they stated that they heard a woman screaming from the back of the office. They reported that the woman was bleeding heavily and the baby was still inside her. The paramedics stated that when they entered the room they observed:

female, naked from the waist down, rolling back and forth on the table screaming. Patient was covered in blood, legs bathed in blood, heavy constant stream of blood spurting from vagina, table covered in blood, numerous equipment tools on tables covered in blood. Suction unit on table also covered in blood and had blood in it… IV bag also covered in blood. Patient responded to her name but could not answer questions. Moaning and screaming. Patient stopped moving. Female attendant on scene tried to arouse patient, no response…

The female was then transferred to the hospital and underwent emergency surgery. The hospital ER filed the following statement with the board concerning her conditions and what they did:

The patient hemorrhaged and developed disseminating intravascular coagulopathy (DIC). On admission she underwent the following procedures: exploratory laparotomy, repair of uterine perforation, bilateral uterine artery ligation, right utero-overian artery ligation, repair of cervical laceration, and repair of vaginal vault laceration. The final pathology diagnosis of the uterine contents included the fetal head and upper vertebral column.

That same month, in January of 2005, another patient went to Kioko where he was performing abortions at the Potomac Family Planning Center. Kioko did not do a complete physical history, or a sonogram. He noted the woman was approximately 18 weeks pregnant. He botched that abortion as well, and transferred the woman to Prince George’s Hospital by car rather than calling 911. The hospital noted that there was a uterine perforation and possible bowel injury.

But as bad as his procedures were, Kioko’s problems extended further.

During an inspection of one of his facilities, investigators noted that they found only three employees at the clinic: his wife, his niece, and a medical assistant. Kioko’s wife had claimed to be a nurse, but investigators could not find any proof of her registration in the state. Even though his wife was not licensed by the state as a nurse, she frequently assisted him in performing abortions. Kioko stated that he fired the medical assistant because she was stealing funds from him.

Also, during the investigation, the board discovered several health violations. The carpet was stained and unclean. Office staff reported to the board that Kioko did not use new sterile aspirations for each patient. He used the same tube on each patient throughout the day and only washed it when it had become opaque in color. Proper emergency equipment was also lacking at the clinic.

In August, the medical board had received a new complaint about Kioko from Northeast Washington resident Thakerya Drayton, 21, who was referred to Kioko’s clinic when she sought an abortion in 2001.

“I didn’t know anything about him,” she said in an interview. After the procedure, she said that Kioko sent her to the recovery room for about an hour. She knew that “something wasn’t right because of the pain”. When she returned home, she was “bleeding out of control”, she said.

After a few days, she told her mother, who then called an ambulance that took her to Howard University Hospital. Hospital records stated that she suffered from an incomplete abortion. Kioko’s response to the situation was that an incomplete abortion is considered a surgical complication and shouldn’t warrant a complaint to the medical board.

After a long history and being known as another shady abortionist, Kioko died on May 1, 2010. [11]

State Shutters Clinic Over Health Risks

A good example of an abortion clinic being shut down over dirty conditions is a clinic in New Jersey that closed in 2007. According to New Jersey’s newspaper, The Record, the state of New Jersey shut down one of the largest abortion mills in the state. [12]

The clinic, Metropolitan Medical Associates, performed over 10,000 abortions a year. Problems cited included infection control, instruments, sterilization equipment, and processing equipment. This was not the first time this particular clinic had been shut down because of those problems; it was closed in 1993 because of similar issues.

The investigation into the clinic was triggered by a complaint filed by the Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, which treated a woman with complications from her abortion.

During the investigation, “state inspectors found dirty forceps, rusty crochet hooks used to remove IUDs and a quarter-inch of dark red ‘dirt and debris’ under an examining table in the Engle Street clinic”. Despite the findings, “the state let the facility reopen in March 2007” after the clinic had made improvements, having been shut down for more than a month. A settlement was made, including: “$1 million from the facility, $575,000 from one of the doctors involved… and $325,000 from another doctor who had assisted”. [13]

As of 2022, Metropolitan Medical Associates is still open and performing abortions.

Source: Metropolitan Medical Associates Website
(Accessed 11/29/22)

Abortion Clinic Declares Dumpster “The File Bin”

If it isn’t evident enough that abortion clinics lack respect for their clients, then here is a good example regarding patient privacy. Keep in mind, that this is just one example, instances like this happen all-too-frequently when it comes to the actions of abortion clinics.

The Detroit Free press reported in 2008, that the Lathrup Village abortion clinic, Womencare, had thrown patient records in a dumpster behind the clinic. [14]

In addition to the private records that officials had found, they also found fetal matter and bloody surgical pads outside the clinic. A licensed hazardous waste hauler removed the medical waste, while the records remained in the custody of the authorities.

Source: Operation Rescue

The abortionist at the facility, Abraham Alberto Hodari had a shady and long history as a Michigan abortionist.

He faced a lawsuit for “allegedly forcing an abortion on a patient”. [15] The abortionist, who had owned multiple abortion clinics in Michigan, finally retired, after allowing his license to expire in January of 2013. [16]

Several Unlicensed Abortionists Found In Miami

In stories related to the use of unlicensed doctors performing abortions in Miami [17], it was revealed that Kieron Nisbet had been accused of giving anesthesia without a license to abortion patients at A GYN Diagnostic Center abortion clinic in Miramar, FL.

During the investigation of the clinic, detectives concluded that Nisbet was not licensed to practice medicine in Florida.

After the investigation, two patients came forward and claimed that Nisbet performed abortions on them at the Best Care Women Center in Miami. The patients, who identified Nisbet in a photo line-up, said that they had received treatment from both Nisbet and Yaqueline Martinez. Martinez had been arrested in March on suspicion of practicing nursing without a license.

This person spoke to them, conducted a sonogram exam and, in one case, diagnosed a person, telling them how many weeks pregnant they were and then led them to a room where they were introduced to Mr. Nisbet as the doctor who would be performing the procedure.”

Sgt. Hector Llevat of the Miami-Dade police

As if to cover their trail, police said that Nisbet or Martinez had forged the signature of a real doctor on the patients’ files. Police arrested the clinic owners whom they claimed knew the man was operating without a valid medical license.

Police said they believe Nisbet also illegally performed abortions at a Hialeah abortion clinic, A Women’s Care II, during the same time and had fled to Trinidad to escape an arrest warrant they obtained for him.

In 2005, The Florida Department of Health’s Unlicensed Activity Unit announced that their joint investigation with the Miami-Dade Police Department had led to the arrest of Jose Rodriguez and Magaly Gil for aiding and abetting the unlicensed practice of medicine.

Rodriguez and Gil owned Best Care Women’s Center in Miami. Both voluntarily relinquished the abortion clinic license after allegations surfaced that they allowed unlicensed physicians to perform abortions at Best Care. The pair were owners of several abortion clinics in the Miami-Dade area.

“In all the years I have spent writing and thinking about a woman’s right to choose, I have never set foot in an abortion clinic, because I have never needed to. In my mind, I had always pictured a clean and comfortable place… This was no Westchester clinic. The place was dirty and dark and the women in the room outside were standing, as there were no chairs. A woman beside me was crying. In the press, the issue of the right to choose will be reduced to the terminology of precedent and privacy. But the visceral reality of abortion-the grimy clinic, the sobbing and hapless young woman…cannot be understood by such desensitized vocabulary. The truth of the matter is, even in our richest cities, in a country where abortion is technically legal and Constitutionally protected, abortion is still a dirty word.”

reporter Hannah Selinger (Describing her trip to an abortion clinic) [18]

Licensed Abortionist Fails Competency Assessment

In yet another example of an abortionist surrendering his license, Philip B. Pierre-Louis agreed to stop practicing medicine. He was accused of hiring an unlicensed physician assistant, prescribing medications on an expired drug license, and failing a competency assessment. [19]

In 1999, the California Medical Board had suspended Pierre-Louis’s license and put him on four years of probation. He was fined $5,000 in cost recovery for: gross negligence, incompetence, unprofessional conduct, and failure to maintain adequate medical records when he perforated a 17-year-old patient’s uterus and removed three to five feet of her intestine when he performed her abortion. Another physician performed corrective surgery and completed the procedure. The patient was placed in intensive care for nine days and had to remain in the hospital, postoperatively, for 12 days.

In February of 2003, the Medical Board had reopened the case against Pierre-Louis, alleging that he had failed to comply with his probation requirements. [20] On May 27, 2003, the Medical Board of California revoked his license.

Dirty Dishes, Dried Blood, and Roaches

Source: Operation Rescue

Another example of filthy conditions at an abortion clinic occurred with a clinic owned by abortionist Krishna Rajanna.

In 2005, a Kansas City newspaper titled The Pitch [21], reported that a Kansas police detective made this astonishing report about Rajanna’s clinic:

“The clinic was dirty inside. As we proceeded through the facility I noted the back area was very dark and dingy looking with poor lighting and smelling musty. We entered the ‘break room’ to interview Rajanna (the abortionist). There were dirty dishes in the sink and on the tabletop, trash everywhere, and roaches crawling across the countertops, with a smell of a stench in the room. Frankly, I was reluctant to sit down. I noted there weren’t containers for medical waste with universally recognized hazardous waste labels on them. On the way out my partner observed that the ‘procedure room’ was filthy. He told me that he saw dried blood on the floor and the room looked ‘nasty’ to him.”

The article also described photos that were taken at the abortion clinic:

“One photo showed that a bathroom used by patients and staff doubled as an instrument-sterilization room. The toilet had a brown stain smeared across the seat, and Styrofoam soda cups were stacked next to and on top of it. A pile of clutter and a broom sat next to the toilet, and a bottle of Always Save bleach sat on a dingy, peeling linoleum floor near full, open trash bags.”

The Pitch had also indicated that Rajanna’s medical equipment was cleaned with Clorox and water and then put in a “dishwasher”.

Not only were clinic conditions filthy when he had performed abortions, but Rajanna had also tossed “more than 1,000 private abortion records…in plain view” inside a recycling bin in front of an elementary school. The records were from his defunct Affordable Medical and Surgical Services clinic in Kansas City. [22]

The former abortionist tried to clear things up in 2012, after his license had been “revoked seven years ago”. First, he said “he was protecting the environment by not burning the paper records of the services they’d received”. Second, he said, “he’s not the monster that abortion opponents (had) made him out to be in years of criticism and ridicule”. And third, all of the allegations about filthy conditions, clutter, and disorganization at his clinic were false. [23]

Inspector Calls Abortion Clinic The “Most Appalling”

In yet another example of how abortionists don’t care about or respect their patients, The Boston Globe [24] and the Boston Herald [25] reported in 2003, that Malden police shut down the one-room office of Massachusetts’s abortionist Jian Yu. The medical board said that he had no running water or sterilization equipment.

Yu had voluntarily stopped practicing in March of 2003, because of the investigation.

The Boston Globe reported that the state medical board had suspended Yu’s license after he endangered the life of a 21-year-old woman by twice botching an abortion.

Achen Audesse, executive director of the State Board of Registration in Medicine said Yu had met all the requirements for obtaining a license in Massachusetts. “He was verified by the international certification organization, had gone to an acceptable medical school, had all the required training and English skills and had passed his national boards”.

In any case, Audesse said that no procedure of any kind should have been performed “in an office without running water, appropriate sterilization equipment, emergency equipment or a plan for an emergency response in case of complications”. Audesse called the standards in Yu’s office “the most appalling I’ve ever heard of in my time here.”

“If abortion is banned, you’ll end up with some very severely injured women. Back-street abortions end up with hysterectomies or heavy bleeding and obviously they can die.”

—Anonymous abortion doctor
UK Telegraph, Secret world of US abortion doctors 4/3/2000

This quote from an anonymous abortion doctor is what abortionists, clinic owners, abortion proponents, and the abortion industry wants people to believe.

But the above examples clearly prove that the legalization of abortion is not the answer. Even with abortion being legalized, we still have the dirty clinics, the injured and dead women, the disregard of patient safety from abortionists and clinic owners, and an overall corrupt industry. What abortion advocates are saying will happen if abortion becomes illegal is, in fact, happening right now.

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