Project Choice

The ground-breaking survey of America’s abortion providers.

Project Choice

The ground-breaking survey of America’s abortion providers.

In 1993, Life Dynamics went undercover inside the abortion industry to interview America’s abortionists.

This goal of this never-before done survey was to document the lifestyle and experiences of those who actually perform abortions. Some of it’s major findings were that:

  • 69% of the nation’s abortion providers say they are not respected in the medical community.
  • 65% feel ostracized because they perform abortions.
  • 61% have been verbally confronted by an anti-abortion physician.
  • Almost 1 in 5 has been denied hospital privileges because they perform abortions.
  • Almost half have had problems recruiting or keeping nurses or other staff because they perform abortions.
  • 64% say that performing abortion causes a negative impact on the non-abortion part of their practice.
  • Almost 60% say that their prestige as a physician is damaged by being identified as an abortion provider.
  • Almost 80% say that pro-choice organizations and politicians are not doing enough to support them.
  • 38% express moral misgivings about the abortion procedure.
  • 87% have been the victims of anti-abortion harassment or violence.

For inquires or requests for interviews, please contact Sheila Crutcher at or (940) 380-8800.

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