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This book provides a unique and uncensored look inside the abortion industry. It is a must read for anybody who wants to learn the truth about the abortion issue. Lime 5 fully documents how women are being sexually assaulted, mutilated, and killed inside legal abortion clinics. It also shows how pro-choice groups have used political power to fight off regulation of the abortion clinic business, and exposes a massive cover-up of abortion clinic disasters being carried out by an agency of the U.S. government. Other subjects that are covered in this book, include: medical evidence of the connection between abortion and breast cancer, how the abortion clinic business is collapsing because of the toll that abortions take on abortionists and clinic workers, the barriers faced by women who are injured by abortions when they seek compensation in the courts, and suggestions for solving these problems. If you are someone who wants to know how the abortion industry really is, then Lime 5 is the book for you! This book is now available as an e-book.

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Praise For Lime 5:

“Who needs back alleys when you can get the same gore in a Main Street ‘reproductive health center?’… [Lime 5] is painfully documented, shocking, fascinating, angering… [it] will shred anyone’s complacency on abortion.”

-National Review


“[Lime 5 is] a devastating examination of the abortion industry… a stinging condemnation of pro-choice organizations that put their political agendas ahead of the women they claim to represent.”

-Alberta Report


“There is not a place I go where I do not mention Lime 5. Nor is there a resource more urgent for everyone to read. This book destroys the myth that legal abortion means safe abortion.”

-Father Frank Pavone

National Director, Priests For Life


“After reading Lime 5, I was left wishing that it was all a bad dream, that none of this was happening. Lime 5 is a must read, not only for pro-lifers but for all citizens.”

-Fr. Paul Marx

Founder of Human Life International



5 reviews for Lime 5

  1. B. Brown

    This book is so well written and researched that I wish Mark Crutcher would write another one for the 2000’s. I read it long after it was written and was in awe of how much in the abortion industry is covered up. People do not know the truth. If one wants to know the truth about the tragedies of abortion, and lots from a legal perspective, this is a great book. Highly recommended!!

  2. Rhonda Bennett

    Very revealing coverage of an issue that is unknown by too many of us.

  3. Judith Lakomy

    No matter what your stance on abortion, you need to read this book! This book is not just about the statistics of abortion. It’s about real women who undergo abortions and end up injured- either physically or emotionally, sexually abused, and sometimes even dead. It tells the story from several points of view, including the doctors who perform abortions. The book is well-written and easy to read, but at the same, terrifying. I couldn’t put it down. No fictional horror story can compare to the things that really go on behind the closed doors of abortion clinics. No matter what your stance on abortion, you need to read this book.

  4. Patrea Curry

    Tells the truth about how clinics work. Even how they refer to their patients – not by their real names. “Lime 5” is a person – evil. But, it makes MONEY. Not nice.

  5. Monica Sellers

    I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in understanding the ‘why’ behind abortion. It exposes the abortion industry for what it really is, and how women are being exploited. It gives actual, well documented examples of what is going on.

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