Rape & Sexual Assault In The Abortion Industry

They went in for a “safe and legal abortion.” They came out a victim of sexual assault or rape.

Every woman expects that the people she chooses for her medical care are trained professionals she can trust, but “America’s Carefully Hidden Sex Scandal” reveals that one of the darkest and best-kept secrets in America is that women aren’t safe when they enter abortion clinics.  In fact, they are “the perfect storm” for sexual predators.

As this report will prove, it’s unlikely that there’s any other business in the country where a woman is as likely to be raped or sexually assaulted than in an abortion clinic. Together, the abortion lobby, politicians, and the media are trying to silence their screams and cover-up this epidemic – writing these women off as nothing more than collateral damage in their political war to keep abortion legal.

(WARNING: This report contains language and descriptions of sexual assault allegations that are not suitable for all readers.)

Check out this episode of our Pro-Life America podcast discussing the hidden epidemic of women being raped and sexually assaulted in abortion clinics and how the media and women’s groups, including #MeToo, ignores it.

(WARNING: This episode contains discussions about sexual assault that may not be suitable for all listeners.)

The Finkle Tapes

We have released audio clips from police interviews with four of Brian Finkle’s employees regarding allegations of sexual assault against his patients. These tapes show that Finkel regularly abused his patients and that all the clinic staff were aware of what was going on.

A Victim Speaks Out

The most reliable estimates are that fewer than one in five of all sexual assaults are ever reported; and when the stigma of abortion is involved that number is going to plummet even further. But now, one courageous woman speaks out and tells the story of how she was sexually assaulted inside one of America’s “safe and legal” abortion clinics.

Listen To The Report

Don’t have time to sit down and read the report? For the first time ever, we have produced an audio book format of this report that you can listen to, for free, right here on our website. Click the button to listen now.

Q & A: Writing The Report

Mark Crutcher and Renee Hobbs sit down for a Q&A session about what it was like to work on this project and discuss the tricky balancing act between telling a highly offensive truth, and doing so in a non-offensive manner.

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