The most reliable estimates are that fewer than one in five of all sexual assaults are ever reported; and when the stigma of abortion is involved that number is going to plummet even further.

But now, one victim has the courage to speak out.

We sat down with Janet Creller, a woman who, like thousands, was sexually assaulted inside one of America’s “safe and legal” abortion clinics.

“I know that I’m talking…telling him to stop that, this doesn’t seem right, what are you doing. Because of the sleep I’m being put under I couldn’t articulate it as well as I wanted to. And so I felt myself slowly drifting off to sleep – at the same time saying ‘stop this, this isn’t right.’”

Taped interviews between police detectives and four of Finkel’s former employees (on file at Life Dynamics) show that Finkel regularly abused his patients and that clinic staff was aware of what was going on.