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In the battle against abortion, we often see it in pro-life people who unknowingly use rhetoric that actually reinforces pro-abortion positions. Knowing the deceptions and misconceptions of the pro-choice movement’s rhetoric can help you learn how to respond to them in the future.

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The Pro-Life Check Scandal

In 2005, Life Dynamics revealed disturbing information about Custom Direct, the parent company of a pro-life check company.

Constitutional Showdown

It is time that we stop dancing around this issue and end abortion once and for all. So, we propose a bold strategy called The Constitutional Showdown.

A Message From The Unborn

This short and heart-breaking video gives a voice to the thousands of babies that are killed on a daily basis by abortion.

Millions Dead

Since 1973, at least 55 million unborn children have been slaughtered in the womb in our nation. See how overwhelming these numbers are and the impact of abortion in the United States.

It’s Just A Choice”

This video is emotionally shocking, and it may be controversial, but in the end this is an important reminder of what this battle is all about…

The Pro-Life Voice Newsletter

With new issues released quarterly, this free newsletter will feature original articles from the staff at Life Dynamics that you can’t get anywhere else.

Available in in print via the mail, or a PDF version via email.

A Book About
Sorry, but it’s not fiction.

To find out what’s really going on inside American abortion clinics,
read Lime 5 today. You’ll be sorry – that it’s really happening.

Lime 5 Book - Written By Mark Crutcher

A Book That Will Change EVERYTHING You Think About The War Against The Unborn

Right now, the pro-life movement is entering a new phase as we continue to fight for the pre-born. This game-changing book is designed to provide a better understanding of the battle ahead and the unseen opportunity that awaits us.

Think the pro-life hasn’t accomplished much?

See the amazing, but overlooked, things the pro-life movement has achieved.

The Pact: A Letter To The Pro-Life Movement

Pro-Life Memes