Siege will change everything you think about the war against the unborn!

At the end of the battle over legalized abortion, one side will win and one side will lose.

What side will you be on?

Right now, the pro-life movement is entering a new phase as we continue to fight for the pre-born. Meanwhile, crucial things are happening in this conflict every day that go completely unnoticed. Victory is achievable – but only if the movement is prepared to adjust its strategies and tactics to fit this new environment.

With bold proposals and shocking information that has never been made public before, Siege prepares pro-lifers for the battle ahead and reveals the answers to crucial issues such as:

  • What is Planned Parenthood’s real agenda?
  • What is the hidden goal of Obamacare?
  • What are the biggest threats the pro-life movement faces?
  • What is the abortion lobby’s vulnerabilities?
  • What is the BGS?

In the end, whether readers agree with everything contained in SIEGE or not, their perception of the conflict will never be the same again.

Siege Preview

Take A Look Inside

It may be an overused expression, but SIEGE is a game-changer.

About The Author:

Mark Crutcher was the founder and president of Life Dynamics Incorporated. Mark always took a bold and hard-hitting approach in standing up against abortion. As a result, Life Dynamics may best be known for our undercover operations, which have exposed shocking and illegal activities that happen inside the abortion industry. Our success in covert surveillance efforts have led to Life Dynamics being labeled “the CIA of the pro-life movement.” He wrote several books in addition to Siege, including: Lime 5, Pro-Life Answers, Access: The Key To Pro-Life Victory, and On Message: Understanding and Communicating the Pro-Life Position.

Praise For Siege:

Mark Crutcher, the author of “Siege,” always says that Life Dynamics is not here to put up a good fight, but to win. “Siege” is about winning the war against abortion. This is a book that cuts through our illusions about what this fight is, who the enemy is, and how we win. If you are not ready to engage the fight on behalf of unborn children, then don’t bother reading “Siege.” But if you want to engage and win that fight, and are ready to re-shape your thinking about how to make that happen, then this book is required reading, and worth reading over and over again.

-Father Frank Pavone

National Director of Priests for Life

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Photo of the books together.

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