A book about forced sex, mutilation, and death.

Sorry, but it’s not fiction.

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Sorry, you won’t find this book in the fiction section.

Rape, mutilation, sexual assault, and even death. It’s happening every day in U.S. abortion clinics, but you haven’t heard about it. That’s because of the coverup by the Centers for Disease Control – protecting the interest of abortion providers they know are dangerous. And when abortion-injured women seek justice from the court system, they’re stopped by a system intentionally designed to protect those who routinely exploit women and girls.

Through public lawsuits, police records, newspaper articles, death certificates, autopsies, state licensing board documents, medical examiners’ reports, peer-reviewed medical articles – plus insider information and private investigation – this 600 page expose is uncensored and fully documented.

To find out what’s really going on inside American abortion clinics, read Lime 5.

You’ll be sorry – that it’s really happening.

About The Author:

Mark Crutcher was the founder and president of Life Dynamics Incorporated. Mark always took a bold and hard-hitting approach in standing up against abortion. As a result, Life Dynamics may best be known for our undercover operations, which have exposed shocking and illegal activities that happen inside the abortion industry. Our success in covert surveillance efforts have led to Life Dynamics being labeled “the CIA of the pro-life movement.” He wrote several books in addition to Siege, including: Lime 5, Pro-Life Answers, Access: The Key To Pro-Life Victory, and On Message: Understanding and Communicating the Pro-Life Position.

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