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Life Dynamics has developed a range of effective materials designed to help Pregnancy Resource Centers.

Our products have been used successfully in pregnancy centers nationwide.

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Abortion Patient Rights Form

CPCs can give our Abortion Patients Rights to abortion minded women who are convinced that abortion is the right choice. It warns the woman not to let anyone perform an abortion on her unless they complete and sign this document. Requested information includes the doctor’s name, malpractice insurance information, malpractice history and license status. However, since abortionists are the washouts of the medical profession, the reality is that not a single abortionist will sign this form – and that plants a seed of doubt in the woman’s mind about abortion risk and the danger she could be putting herself in.

Crisis pregnancy centers across America have used the Abortion Patients Rights form with astounding success. We consistently hear that this may be the most effective way to “turn around” the most inflexible abortion-minded women. They’re dirt-cheap and we guarantee that babies and moms can be saved for pennies using the Abortion Patient Rights Form.

CPC’s who are new to our Patients Rights Form can request a free copy by calling Life Dynamics at (940) 380-8800.

Abortion Animation Video

Another excellent tool for crisis pregnancy centers to reach abortion minded women is our Animated Abortion Video. Using state of the art 3-D computer generated animation, it depicts the two most common surgical abortion procedures, the Suction Curettage abortion method and the Dilation and Evacuation, or D&E, abortion method.

While this video is medically accurate, it was designed not be too gruesome for the average abortion minded woman to view. This video was created with the guidance of experienced Ob/Gyns and cross-referenced with several abortion textbooks. The abortion procedure animation is followed by a discussion about the most common types of abortion injuries.

Now, CPC’s can easily direct women to watch the video at:

Note: the partial birth abortion procedure, or D&X / dilation and extraction, is not included in this video. For more information on the partial birth abortion procedure and all other surgical abortion methods, visit our Abortion Methods and Complications page.

“Need Help After Abortion?” Cards

Our After Abortion cards give women a national toll-free number they can call to find legal, medical, and emotional help after an abortion. Since it refers to some risks of having an abortion, if a woman is given one of these on her way into a Planned Parenthood clinic or any abortion clinic, this card could cause an abortion minded woman to change her mind.

They can be used by sidewalk counselors, crisis pregnancy centers, pro-life organizations, and pro-life activists who have contact with women who are considering abortion or with women experiencing post-abortion stress syndrome or other abortion related problems.

Christi’s Choice

Ever wonder about abortion risk? The day after her 18th birthday, Christi underwent what she and her family were told would be a safe abortion. But something went wrong. Christi was left in a permanent vegetative state and her family was changed forever.

Christi’s Choice, which gives a very personal look at one family’s abortion tragedy. Christi’s mother narrates this heart-breaking story of how abortion destroyed Christi’s life and that of her entire family. As they learned, safe and legal abortion is a lie.

The Pro-Choice Death List

Few abortion minded women are aware of the number of women killed by abortion. It may be helpful to show your clients this list of women who died from their abortion. Remember this is only a small fraction of the women who have died in the name of choice.

The Life Dynamics Force Form

Whether you are a sidewalk counselor or volunteer at a CPC, or you can help a woman who is being forced to have an abortion with the Life Dynamics Force Form. This FREE form, when used correctly, legally documents that any abortion done on the client, regardless of what she says at the clinic, would be against her will. Clinics know that if they receive this signed document and decide to do an abortion anyway, they could be faced with civil suits- and sometimes criminal charges. This form makes a client almost “radioactive” to clinics in the area.

We encourage CPCs and sidewalk counselors who are interested in using this form to contact Life Dynamics at (940)380-8800 to learn how to effectively use this document before downloading it.