Episode 159 | Would YOU date someone who’s Pro-Choice?

This week on the podcast, we discuss two things all pro-lifers should be keeping their eyes out for: the sex education programs making their way into schools around the nation, and the abortion views of their significant other. As we reveal, these two things are having a profound impact on countless people across the country.

Episode Synopsis:

This week on the podcast, we discuss two things all pro-lifers should be keeping their eyes out for: the sex education programs making their way into schools around the nation, and the abortion views of their significant other. As we reveal, these two things are having a profound impact on countless people across the country.

If you are a man who needs healing from the abortion of your child, there are resources for you. Visit the Silent No More website or the Men and Abortion Website.

Episode Duration: 19 min


[Intro with Music]:

Sometimes controversial, always politically incorrect, and pro-life without exception, without compromise, and without apology. It’s the Pro-Life America podcast with your hosts, Sarah Waites and the president of Life Dynamics, Mark Crutcher.

Sheila: Hi everyone, welcome back to the Pro-Life America podcast. I am Sheila Crutcher and across from me and joining in is Sarah Waites.

Sarah: Hello. 

Sheila: So this week we’re going to talk about two different things. First, sex education and the abortion industry and Planned Parenthood, which we have covered in the past, but there’s some new things being brought up. And then also, you are going to be talking about what happens in the dating arena with being pro-choice…

Sarah: …or pro-life.


Sheila: Yes. Either one.

Sarah: You make it sound like I have personal experience.

Sheila: No. No, this isn’t some advice section or, you know, episode.

Sarah: I share my tragic story. No. (laughs)

Sheila: No, this isn’t some like “Dear Abby.”

Sarah: It’s not a “Dear Abby” situation. No.

Sheila: But first, coming out of the UK from OSV News, parents in Northern Ireland are pushing back against a proposal from the British government, which would require schools – including Catholic ones – to teach students about abortion and how to access abortions. Of course, Irish bishops have spoken out against this proposal.

Sarah: Oh, yeah.

Sheila: Saying that it would impose abortion ideology into the schools. Unfortunately, Northern Ireland Secretary, Chris Heaton Harris, says that it would include age appropriate, comprehensive and scientifically accurate education on sexual and reproductive health and rights, covering prevention of early pregnancy and access to abortion.

Sarah: He also said that the regulations will mirror the approach taken in England.

Sheila: Yes, right now England has a very pro-sex, pro-abortion education program that they’ve been doing. And so now they’re wanting to implement that in Northern Ireland. And this program is called the RSE – standing for Relationship and Sexuality Education.

Sarah: What this means is that students in England are taught how to get an abortion without their parents knowledge.

Sheila: Right, exactly. And in Northern Ireland, now it looks like they’re going to start following the British sex education curriculum. And there are a lot of Catholics in Northern Ireland. And so there’s going to be a lot of pushback. Like I said, bishops have already been calling this out. And parents, the majority of parents don’t want this.

 Sarah: Well, I think the important takeaway from this is that we have seen stuff like this over here. So if you see that over here, you’re going to see this in other western countries.

Sheila: Yes, Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry have their fingers in the school districts here.

Sarah: In fact, there are some schools that actually have Planned Parenthood clinics in them.

Sheila: Yes. It is well documented. We’ve talked about this on the podcast before, you and my dad talked about it before, and we’ve even had blog posts about Planned Parenthood being in charge of the sex education programs in public schools – about them having clinics in public schools. And their curriculum is sex centered and pro-abortion, where they basically just encourage students to have sex, teach them how to have sex, and then encourage them to come and get abortions.

Sarah: Well, when you think about it, if your main product is abortion, if that’s one of the things that you sell, then your other services, your education, would naturally be more inclined to selling that product, right?

Sheila: Oh, yeah!

Sarah: I mean, that only makes the most sense.

Sheila: Of course.

Sarah: And people have come out talking about how, Planned Parenthood curriculum was supposed to be “this,” and the moment there’s no adults in there, all of a sudden it becomes sex how-to and they’re talking about anything and everything.

Sheila: Right. I mean, like I said, they’re in it for the profit. They don’t care about the well-being of the children and the females, it doesn’t matter to them. What matters is getting them into Planned Parenthoods and giving them abortions.

Sarah: Mm hmm.

Sheila: That’s what matters to them. In fact, one of the blog posts that we have entitled, The Dark Truth About Planned Parenthood Sex Education, it’s something that people need to be aware about. And people are starting to wake up to Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry being in the schools. A new story that came out is a good example of this. West Virginia lawmakers are focusing on bills that would target public schools. One of the bills would allow the showing of a video to public school students, an animated video from Live Action, which would show the development of a baby in the womb – and also require ultrasound videos to be shown.

Sarah: Wow.

Sheila: And so instead of, you know, having a pro-abortion agenda, they’re wanting to have a very pro-life, very fact based curriculum. And the bill would also require a course in public schools on human development, requiring it to be taught in the eighth and tenth grade.

Sarah: I mean, I thought that’s what everybody was taught. (laughs) It’s crazy when you hear people who don’t know like the development of the baby in the womb, even just the rough sketches of it.

Sheila: You know, again, that’s Planned Parenthood going in there trying to push abortion instead of the truth about human development.

Sarah: Well, sex education in the schools is a hot topic. There are people on both sides of the aisle who have very different opinions on that. And I think the one thing that we can agree on, is that there is a huge difference between going over, “these are STDs, and you know, this is how you get STDs,” that kind of stuff. “This is how babies are made,” generally.

Sheila: Right.

Sarah: Versus what often happens with the Planned Parenthood stuff – kids reporting, well, “they were talking to us about bondage, and oral sex, and all this other stuff.” In fact, there was an article that came out not very long ago, where Gwyneth Paltrow who – this is a woman who is very liberal. She herself was shocked by what her kids were taught in 6th grade sex-ed in their Los Angeles school. She said, ” I will never forget Apple and her best friend Emily sitting at our kitchen banquet in shock. Like the color draining from their face,” she laughed. “They taught them everything. Everything. Anything you’re thinking, they taught to the 11, 12 year olds.”

Sheila: Yeah. She shouldn’t be surprised that this is being taught.

Sarah: Yeah.

Sheila: Parents need to put a stop to this. We need to put a stop to this because, it’s unbelievable. And my dad had proposed something called, “Operation Watchdog.”

Sarah: Well, what is Operation Watchdog for those who don’t know?

Sheila: Yes, it is where you would allow parents to sit in when they were being taught, you know, sex education. And so, basically, they are a “watchdog” to see what their children are being taught. And to have, you know, allow cameras and stuff in there to record it. Because like you said earlier, they say ‘oh, we’ll teach the kids this.’ But what they actually end up teaching them is often completely different and way worse.

Sarah: Yeah, because Mark would get lots of phone calls from parents, over the years, talking about, ‘my child was taught this.’ And this is not what they signed up for when they signed the permission form for sex education. And so he told them, he said, ‘Well, you’re a parent. You know, this is public education. See if you can get to sit in.’ And they would sit in. And that day would be a perfectly mundane day, by the book. So the next day they’d skip, and then the kids would come home and it was a repeat of, “you’ll never guess what we learned this time.” So Project Watchdog was about basically keeping an eye on these classrooms and making sure that they stay within the limits.

Sheila: Right, basically have parent volunteers, and do it in shifts, and you know allow cameras to record the curriculum – and what they were being taught – to keep an eye out on what was being taught to these children.

Sarah: And it’s not just middle school and high schoolers now. There are people who are pushing for and trying to start sex education in these schools at as young as elementary school.

Sheila: Right. Mm hmm. Exactly.

Sarah: Which explain to me why an elementary school kid needs sex education…

Sheila: Sarah, I can’t explain it. I don’t know what goes through these people’s heads.

Sarah: Well, you hate to jump on the bandwagon of, “they’re sexualizing our children,” but at some point you have to ask yourself, why else would you be teaching an elementary school kid sex education?

Sheila: Yeah. I mean, people are, I think, finally starting to wake up to what we’ve you know been seeing for years so.

Sarah: Speaking of waking up, there was an interesting article that came out of the New York Times. New York Times writer Jessica Grose, had wrote an article about how politics affects dating lives for those under 30, where she asked readers to respond on how politics has affected their dating lives. She got more than 200 responses, and no surprise, abortion views was a defining thing for people on who they would date. That they would not date somebody who was opposite of their views.

Sheila: Right.

Sarah: Something that was interesting, abortion views seem to trump political parties for potential dates.

Sheila: Right. I wonder if they had asked about religion, how that would have…

Sarah: Religion was another thing that came up, political stuff came up as well. From what I remember in this article, it said that people who were more willing to date others of different views were actually Christians, which I thought was interesting. But this article seems to downplay the impact that abortion views can have on a relationship. It was talking about people dating other people whose abortion views were different and making it seem like, overall, this might not be a very big deal on a day-to-day basis.

Sheila: It is a big deal.

Sarah: But it is. It absolutely is.

Sheila: My dad would always talk about this.

Sarah: Well, the interesting thing is, right as this article comes out – right now – a scene from the season four of the HBO show “GIRLS” is going viral. Now this scene is like from 2015. So this is not something that just came out yesterday.

Sheila: Right.

Sarah: And I think the show actually has gone off the air since then. I don’t know.

Sheila: Yes, I’m pretty sure it has. I didn’t watch it, so.


Sarah: You seemed very enthusiastic about that, “Yes, it is off!”

Sheila: Yes, finally!

Sarah: Like you had a little cupcake with a candle in celebration of the moment that it went off the air.


Sarah: But in this scene that’s going viral right now, it’s a conversation between two characters, Mimi Rose and Adam, who are apparently dating or something.

Sheila: Mmmm.

Sarah: They’re in a relationship. And she just reveals, like she’s talking about the weather, that she can’t go running because she just had an abortion – of his child.

Sheila: You just casually mention, “Oh, yeah…”

Sarah: Like it’s no big deal. I’m sure that, based on the creators of this show, that this intention was to put what they would think of as an empowering spin on abortion, make it seem like it was no big deal.

Sheila: Yeah, well that’s them, again, trying to normalize abortion like they do in the media.

Sarah: This scene is kind of tense. You know, he’s demanding information in the full scene, which you can go find on YouTube, and the follow up scenes to it. He’s upset. He’s very upset. And he’s like, “this was our child.” And the reaction to this has been very divisive. And it’s interesting because there’s a dichotomy between the comments on YouTube, the video that’s been there for several years, versus Twitter.

Sheila: Mm hmm.

Sarah: I’m just going to read just a couple of comments to kind of highlight this because I thought this was interesting.

So, one user on YouTube said, “Imagine the writers thinking that the woman was in the right in this lol.”

Another one, “‘So you wanted a baby?'” That was a quote in the scene. “No, he had a baby. He didn’t want you murdering it and then talking about it with the same level of concern as someone discussing the weather.”

Another person, “that’s probably how I’d act with her, then I’d pack my bag.”

Sarah: This is what Twitter users had to say.

Sheila: Uh huh.

“Men shouldn’t be causing unwanted pregnancies then because once their body is no longer involved (after ejaculation), they no longer have a say. Don’t like abortions? Don’t cause one fellas. Wrap it, snip it.”

Sheila: So, like, the woman in this scene had no involvement whatsoever in getting pregnant. It was just a one sided thing.

Sarah: (sarcastically) It was all him. Yeah, it doesn’t take two people to have sex and get pregnant. No, it was all his fault.

Sheila: Yeah.

Sarah: The next person said, “should have thought about that before ejaculating into a woman who was trying to avoid pregnancy in the first place. Unwanted ejaculators can go jizz into a sock.” I’m sorry. I’m not making these up.

Sheila: These people need to get a reality check.

Sarah: I’ll just read the last one here. “He should go find the happy sock under his bed and save all the babies he left in it if he’s so desperate to be a father.”

Sheila: That person needs to learn biology.

Sarah: Yes, but you know, all of these quotes are very anti-male, and make it seem like pregnancy is men’s fault. Like women are just unsuspecting bystanders, who were just trapped in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sheila: Right.

Sarah: Despite the fact that that’s not how biology works.

Sheila: No.

Sarah: But putting aside the different reactions to this scene, the reason it’s going viral right now is that this is a stark reminder that men have zero legal rights if the woman wants to have an abortion.

Sheila: Exactly.

Sarah: She doesn’t have to tell you. You don’t have to know about it. There’s nothing you can do if the woman you get pregnant wants to have an abortion.

Sheila: In fact, we’ve seen cases that we’ve talked about before, of where the male is so distraught because the woman had an abortion. And there have even been cases where they’ve taken the women to court to try to sue over the fact that she killed their baby. And in the scope of the larger conversation, culturally, is that men are often forgotten about in the discussion over abortion. There have been countless studies on the mental and physical effects of abortion on women, but few have been done looking at the same thing for men.

Sarah: Right. But what we have learned from the research that has come out, is that men typically experience grief, guilt, depression, anxiety, feelings of repressed emotions, helplessness, voicelessness, powerlessness – the list goes on. And, in fact, some research has found that men may grieve over the loss of the baby longer than the mother.

Sheila: Hmmm.

Sarah: And, if you read testimonials from men, it is very clear that abortion has a huge impact on them. And it is unfair that they are written out of the conversation.

Sheila: Right.

Sarah: And we have a page on our website with testimonials from men on abortion. We will put the link to that in the description if you want to go read it. And if you are – or if you know somebody – who needs healing, there are organizations out there that are there to help them – help you. I just want to raise awareness for that. There are people that can help.

Sheila: Exactly. And so it’s important that when you’re dating someone you know their position on abortion. Because if you’re a male and you’re dating a pro-choice chick, she can turn around and get an abortion.

Sarah: Absolutely.

Sheila: Or if you’re a female and dating a pro-choice dude, he could try pressuring you into having an abortion.

Sarah: Or he could actually force or coerce you to have an abortion. Or in the case of something that we have documented in our Under The Radar report, there have been women who have been brutally attacked for refusing to have abortions.

Sheila: Right. Exactly.

Sarah: Now, the cases that are in that report only focus on the women who died. This does not include the larger number of women who survive.

Sheila: Right.

Sarah: Like I said before, it is the Under the Radar Report.

Sheila: Right.

Sarah: And I will put the link to that in the description so you can go read it. And it has case, after case, after case, of these women – and some of them, they’re as young as fifteen years old.

Sheila: Yup, and this is all something that the abortion lobby doesn’t want to talk about, because it’s all about so-called “choice” and none of the stuff or consequences that follows it.

Sarah: Well, we know it’s awkward to have, but these conversations are so important. It’s important to know how the person that you’re dating, what their views on abortion are, because this could have a very real impact on your relationship.

Sheila: And so for this week’s, From The Mouth Of Mark, this was posted November 5th, 2007. It’s from the blog post, Sex, Condoms, and Motorcycle Helmets.

He said, “today, people are starting to pick up on the fact that after public schools began introducing contraception based sex-ed in the 1960s, America’s relatively small teen pregnancy problem exploded into an epidemic of promiscuity, teen pregnancy, abortion, and sexually transmitted diseases. They are also noticing that children are now having sex at much younger ages. Whereas 40 years ago it would have been front page news for a 12-year-old girl to be pregnant, today it is not even unusual.”

Sarah: Yep.

Sheila: Like I said, that was back in 2007 – and we’re seeing more and more of that today so.

Sarah: Yeah. Mark would say, “well, of course!”

Sheila: Yeah, of course he was right. He was always right.

Sarah: Well, not always. Let’s not go too far here.


Sheila: No, but that’s what he would say.

Sarah: Well, thank you for listening. If you guys have something in this show that we discussed that you think we should expand on, or if there’s something else you think we should be talking about, you can always leave show suggestions on our Pro-Life America page of our website. And that’s, LifeDynamics.com/podcast. There’s a form right there at the bottom of the page. It goes straight to our inboxes. And we always love hearing from you guys. And we love hearing your feedback on the podcast as well.

Sheila: And so, until next time, Life Dynamics is not here to put up a good fight.

Sarah: We’re here to win.

Sheila: Because winning is how the killing stops.

Sarah: Thank you guys. We’ll see you in the next episode.

Sheila:  Bye.


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In This Episode We Discuss:
  • Greetings (00:24)
  • The battle over sex education and pushing abortion in schools (01:15)
  • The impact of abortion views on relationships (09:19)
  • From The Mouth of Mark (17:01)
  • Final Thoughts (18:11)

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