The Dark Truth About Planned Parenthood: Sex Education

“Fact: Planned Parenthood is the single largest provider of sex education in the United States, reaching 1.5 million people with education and outreach each year.”  1 That fact comes directly from Planned Parenthood’s website and it should strike fear into every person in the United States, especially parents. While Planned Parenthood, the media and even…

“Fact: Planned Parenthood is the single largest provider of sex education in the United States, reaching 1.5 million people with education and outreach each year.”  1

That fact comes directly from Planned Parenthood’s website and it should strike fear into every person in the United States, especially parents.

While Planned Parenthood, the media and even some government officials characterize Planned Parenthood as being an upstanding health organization; they also distinguish themselves as having a model sex education program. But the ugly truth is, that no parent, adult, or school system should allow Planned Parenthood to come within 5 feet of any child or teen.

Grooming Teens For Abortion

A former sex-education instructor who worked with Planned Parenthood stated that they really just groom “them for promiscuity… for STD treatment… and for abortion.” 2 But that should come as no surprise since their business is abortion; yet, they always claim that abortion is only 3 percent of what they do. If that were true though, then Planned Parenthood strangely focuses a lot on the issue of abortion when it comes to their sex education program. For example, on their website describing their sex education program, they discuss state and local legislation “dictating” what can be taught. They state:

“Because sex education laws and policies are developed at the state and local level, quality sex education (and Planned Parenthood’s role in providing it) is constantly under attack. Legislators have used a variety of tactics to limit access to sex education, promote conservative values, and anti-abortion messages through sex education, and push Planned Parenthood sex educators out of schools… These restrictive bills are just a way for politicians to block access to sexual and reproductive health information, education, and services- especially from Planned Parenthood.” 3

That paragraph is a great example of summing up what Planned Parenthood’s sex education program is really all about- them having access to children and teens so that they can push their abortion agenda onto them. Just as the hosts of “Life Talk” discussed on the “Millennials and Abortion” episode, no parent should allow Planned Parenthood to teach their child/teen anything at all.

Not only do they push abortion but they lie about it as well. For instance, in one of their sex education guides they describe abortion as being “one of the safest operations available… In fact, it is 11 times safer than carrying a pregnancy to term, and nearly twice as safe as having your tonsils removed.” 4 Any pro-lifer that knows about abortion knows that is a lie. Although abortion is legal, it isn’t safe or rare. Just as we have proven, women not only get injured from abortions but they also die from them. (To learn more about this issue, visit our website Safe And Legal.) So while they continue to teach the children of America about abortion, they will continue to emphasize how “safe” it is rather than the death and destruction that comes from it.

It’s Not Perfectly Normal

It's Perfectly Normal Book

Putting aside the issue of abortion and Planned Parenthood, as if it weren’t enough reason for them to not be teaching our children, the way they also teach them is atrocious. For example, they teach young children with graphic books that are aimed at elementary school children and teens. They are inappropriate in terms of diagrams, pictures, and wording. One great example of these books is titled, “It’s Perfectly Normal: Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex, and Sexual Health”. The book includes cartoons of naked bodies and graphic diagrams. Subjects in the book range from reproductive organs, gender identity, abortion, STDs, safe sex and etc.

Graphic illustrations from the book, "It's Perfectly Normal."
These illustrations have been blurred because of their graphic nature.

Another way that they try to reach out to teach sex education is by inappropriate videos that they produce for their programs with graphic details and crass language. For instance, one of their playlists on YouTube is titled, “ Taking Care of your ‘Pussy”, which are videos that they created talking about vaginal health. And another example is a group of videos that they showed to a group of fourteen year olds in the Albemarle County school district in Virginia. The Planned Parenthood affiliated group, the Sexual Assault Resource Agency (SARA), showed videos titled “Male Pleasure!” and “How to Help Her Orgasm”. The videos “contained crude colloquial terms of genitalia…are sponsored by and contain multiple advertisements for the website of a seller of pornography and sex toys. 5

Planned Parenthood's "Sex Education" YouTube Playlist: "Taking Care of Your 'Pussy'"

School Is In Session

Often time’s parents don’t even know what their children are being taught by Planned Parenthood in school districts. Planned Parenthood pushes into the school districts in order to teach their strategically devised version of sex education. When parents do find out what is being taught to their children the damage has already been done. For instance, in Sarasota County high schools in Florida, parents found out that the group Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center used graphic Planned Parenthood videos to talk about sexual consent. The “Consent 101” series “features several same-sex couples engaging in kissing and sexual touching and also features graphic discussions about sex.” 6

Screenshot from one of the videos in Planned Parenthood’s “Consent 101” series.

But just because Planned Parenthood is used in the school districts to teach children and teens their version of sex education, doesn’t mean their programs are actually effective. In fact, researchers are starting to admit that their programs are a failure. For instance, a report titled “Evaluation of the Teen Outreach Program in the Pacific Northwest” showed that the programs “resulted in more students getting pregnant.” 7 Truthfully though, the programs aren’t a failure for Planned Parenthood, they are doing exactly what their goal is- to teach children about promiscuity so that more females get pregnant so they can sell abortions to them.

Planned Parenthood’s sex education is obviously a major problem; they are not only trying to mold young people’s hearts and minds but also push abortion thru their programs.

So what can be done to end this vicious cycle?

First, parents need to monitor what Planned Parenthood, the school district, and others are trying to teach their children. They need to make sure that they are being told the truth and in an appropriate manner, something that Planned Parenthood doesn’t do. If parents don’t reach their children, rest assured, that Planned Parenthood will grab a hold of them and not want to let go.

Every pro-lifer MUST spread the truth and expose Planned Parenthood for what they really are and how they really interact with the children that they haven’t killed.

If they haven’t killed a child then they want to corrupt their heart and mind because “the reality is that teen pregnancy is a cash cow for Planned Parenthood and their sex education system keeps it well fed.” 8

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  1. Matthews Otalike says:

    I have always known that Planned Parenthood never had any good intention for the good of humanity. The progenitors of what I may call irresponsible sexual activity never had stable marriages and family, so they won’t be up to any good for humanity. The ‘father of modern society” Margaret Sanger is an example.

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