Abortion autopsy image placed on poster outside abortion clinic

A pro-life group in Illinois has placed an abortion autopsy image depicting a woman killed from legal abortion on a poster they hold outside a local abortion facility.

The picture comes from the national pro-life organization, Life Dynamics, Inc. which has uploaded it to the website SafeandLegal.com. In addition to the autopsy image, the page documents hundreds of deaths of women killed from legal abortion and highlights the abortion-related deaths of 18-year-old Marla Cardamone and 24-year-old Tonya Reaves as well as their unborn children.

Safe and Legal Prochoice Death List

When Marla was killed having an abortion, her mother, Deborah, vowed that she would never let her daughter be forgotten. She approached Life Dynamics’ president, Mark Crutcher and asked him to help her show the public the risks women face when they submit to abortions. After much time and thought, Crutcher agreed to publish the autopsy photos of Marla and her unborn child.

On the day Crutcher released the images he said, “The pro-life movement has never had images to illustrate the unimaginable brutality and ugliness of women being killed in America’s “Safe and Legal” abortion clinics. But those days are over. We are going to show America what it looks like when women climb onto a table in one of these places and end up on an autopsy table a few hours later.

View Marla's Autopsy Photos Warning Graphis abortion

Women killed from legal abortion will no longer be swept under the rug. We need to hold this in front of the American people, we need to make the abortion industry explain this,” he said.

In an emotional interview with Marla’s mother on the pro-life TV show, Life Talk, she explained why she asked Crutcher to publish Marla’s autopsy pictures, “There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t see my daughter – so brutally butchered. I needed people to understand, I needed the lie to stop, I needed someone to care. She was so disfigured and the funeral director said please, would you close this casket? And, I said no, I need people to see her as she is…I wanted people to see what she looked like. I wanted people to see what I see.”

View the entire interview with Marla’s mother here.

In conjunction with the Safe and Legal website, Life Dynamics has also produced a Safe and Legal brochure so abortion bound women can learn the risks they face in submitting to an abortion.

Order Marla Brochures for Safe and Legal abortion

Life Dynamics has had countless pro-life people order the brochure. Some have handed them out at pro-choice events or used them for educational purposes. Many others pass them out in front of the abortion clinic as girls are entering. As a result, many babies have been spared the brutal death of dismemberment from legal abortion and many women have walked away from a procedure that could have left them physically and mentally scared or even dead.

Life Dynamics receives testimonies from those using our materials on a regular basis. One recent testimony came from the Granite City, Illinois based, Faith and Freedom Family Ministries.

Director Nolan Clayton told Life Dynamics that he sought permission to use Marla’s image from the website on a poster so they could warn women who seek abortions at their local killing mill.

Autopsy image of woman killed from legal abortion placed on a poster outside abortion clinic

Autopsy image of woman killed from legal abortion placed on a poster outside abortion clinic

The poster which we made from the brochure depicts the gruesome “Before and After” reality of what abortion is, DEATH !” Clayton said.

He told Life Dynamics that the 4ft x 5ft poster is large enough for the women entering the abortion clinic to clearly see. He said that when the public first saw the image of Marla on their poster it outraged many people.

Some people called the poster obscene, sickening, disgusting, and ignorant,” he stated, “To which we can only agree. Yes, abortion is all of these things and much more.”

For over 15 years, Clayton and his group have faithfully stood outside the notorious Hope Clinic for Women abortion clinic and they have learned that there are many tools for reaching abortion bound women,“We have by way of testimony learned of, and personally witnessed hundreds of lives that have been rescued as result of graphically showing misguided parents the ugly truth of abortion,” he stated, “Over the years we have come to the realization that any and all means that can be employed to expose the sin of child sacrifice is appropriate. What is not appropriate is ABORTION, the killing of our heritage, our future. America must end abortion, and very soon, or abortion will end America.”

He said that despite the controversy of using graphic images of abortion victims, they have found them to be very effective. Clayton said they’ve had numerous people tell them that they saw their signs and it persuaded them against having their abortion.

Our experience has taught us that a picture is worth a thousand words,” Clayton said.

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