Life Dynamics

The Finkel Tapes

“He is a pervert…”

– Clinic Worker “Jamie”

In the April 2002 episode of Life Talk, we released audio clips from police interviews with four of Brian Finkel’s employees regarding allegations of sexual assault against his patients. What you will see is that these tapes show that Finkel regularly abused his patients and that all the clinic staff were aware of what was going on.


The following video contains graphic and explicit audio. Viewer discretion is advised.

Finkel victim speaks out

One of Finkel’s victims has the courage to speak out and tells the story of how she was sexually assaulted inside one of America’s “safe and legal” abortion clinics.

“I said, ‘something happened, something odd happened here.’ And she said, ‘you’re just waking up from a twilight sleep – it’s going to be ok. Let’s just get you out of here and get you home.’ And it was very shuffle you out the door…I was told you ‘probably imagined it, don’t even think about it anymore, it didn’t happen.'”

-Victim of abortionist, Brian Finkel

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