Episode 19: The Abortion Industry Harbors Pedophiles and Sex Traffickers
Episode Synopsis:

Listener Madi K. requested that we talk about sex trafficking and Planned Parenthood. So this week we discuss how Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation are running a nationwide pedophile protection racket. We listen to clips from our undercover investigation where our caller portrayed a 13-year-old girl who was pregnant by her 22-year-old boyfriend, seeking an abortion to conceal the relationship from her parents. Listen as clinic workers openly acknowledge that this situation is illegal and that they are required to report it to the state, but readily agree to conceal this illegal sexual activity. Listen as they advise the caller on how to get around laws and procedures meant to protect minor girls. We show how this is having real-world consequences for the victims of child sexual abuse, and provide examples of criminal prosecutions against men who have been caught having illegal sexual relationships with minor girls where the victims were taken for abortions – with no report being made by the abortion providers. You will see that the driving force behind our country’s epidemic of child sexual abuse is the willingness of Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation to conceal these crimes.

Episode Duration: 39 min

In This Episode We Discuss:
  1. Greetings & why we skipped last week (00:25)
  2. Renewed interest in the issue of human trafficking (05:19)
  3. We have a taxpayer funded organization involved in America’s child sex trafficking epidemic. (6:18)
  4. What & who is a “Mandatory Reporter” (7:37)
  5. Our Child Predator Investigation (9:33)
  6. The ramifications of our nation’s child sexual abuse epidemic (11:45)
  7. Actual Cases (12:25)
  8. We listen to a few of the tapes (15:25)
  9. Clip 1: Clinic Worker advises caller to cross state lines to avoid parental notification laws (15:54)
  10. Clip 2: Clinic worker tells not to tell her any identifying info if she doesn’t want the clinic to notify the authorities (17:53)
  11. Clip 3: Clinic worker admits to caller they are supposed to notify the authorities but that they never have. (19:57)
  12. We explain what a “Judicial Bypass” is (20:58)
  13. Clip 4: Clinic worker advises caller not to tell the judge how old her boyfriend is when getting a judicial bypass… (22:12)
  14. Clip 5: Clinic worker lets caller in on a loophole to avoid parental notification (24:54)
  15. Clip 6: Clinic worker comes up with the idea for the caller to have someone pretend to be her legal guardian (27:49)
  16. Law enforcement refuses to get involved (35:53)
  17. The American taxpayer is funding this (37:02)
  18. Closing Statements (37:58)
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