Episode 8: What’s the Deal with Twins?
Episode Synopsis:

In this shocking episode, we reveal the abortion industry’s discomfort over aborting twins and “selective reductions,” and why the issue of repeat abortions is a can of worms for the abortion lobby. Also, we unravel the pro-choice argument that the unborn are not persons, and that “it’s the woman’s body.”

Episode Duration: 20 min

In This Episode We Discuss:
  1. Greetings & today’s topic (00:25)
  2. Where you can find information about Life Dynamics projects & reports. (00:55)
  3. Infiltrating National Abortion Federation Conferences. (01:22)
  4. The abortion industry’s discomfort with twins. (01:49)
  5. “Selective Reductions” (05:33)
  6. The unique bond that twins have. (06:22)
  7. The issue of twins proves the abortion industry knows what abortion really is. (08:28)
  8. The issue of repeat abortions (10:59)
  9. Addressing the pro-choice argument that “it’s the woman’s body.” (16:09)
  10. Closing Statements (19:21)
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One More Thing…

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