Douglas Karpen & An American Abortion Clinic


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    The abortion industry claims that abortion is a safe procedure, provided by quality doctors in a clean, safe environment. They also claim that legalized abortion is what keeps abortion minded women safe. Well, what about cases like Kermit Gosnell? Recently convicted, this abortionist was in the spot-light for atrocities that he committed inside one of America’s abortion clinics. A doctor who, for years was held in high regard by the abortion industry, until they found his case was a sinking ship. Since then, the abortion lobby has frantically tried to convince people that he was a black sheep in the abortion industry…

    An American Abortion Clinic
    proves that the abortion industry’s claims are false. The types of situations that happened with Gosnell are happening on a daily basis inside abortion clinics all across America.

    Part one of this DVD is an interview with three ex-clinic workers of Texas abortionist, Douglas Karpen. In it these women describe what happens to the babies who are born alive. In part two, the interview continues with details about how the women who come to these facilities are treated. While in part three, there is a mind-blowing interview with an actual patient of Douglas Karpen.

    This DVD will challenge everything that you have been told about so-called ‘safe and legal’ abortions.


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