Episode 53 | “Financial Abortions” For Men?

Episode 53 | “Financial Abortions” For Men?

A recent article entitled, “Should Men Be Able to Opt-Out of Fatherhood? The pros and cons of “financial abortions” is just the latest of many articles debating the idea of “financial abortions.” We reveal just what a “financial abortion” is and its origins. Plus, we discuss biological realities vs our society’s twisted views on responsibility, and the legal quagmire that “Roe” and “Doe” created.

Abortion advocate arrested after throwing paint on pro-life signs

A pro-choice man has been arrested after throwing paint on pro-life signs being held by members of Canada’s ‘Show the Truth’ pro-life organization. About 50 pro-lifers held signs containing the images of abortion victims in downtown Kingston earlier this week when they were met by pro-choice activists. A local media outlet reported what happened next:…

Guilty verdict in murder for hire plot against pregnant girlfriend who refused abortion

A Connecticut man has been found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder and being an accessory to murder after hiring a hit man to kill his pregnant girlfriend when she refused to have an abortion. 21 year-old Shamari Jenkins, was shot in the back in the murder for hire scheme after her ex-boyfriend, 23-year-old Carlton…