80 yr. sentence for pro-choice man after murder of girlfriend who refused abortion

A pro-choice man who hired a hit man to kill his pregnant girlfriend when she refused to have an abortion has been has been sentenced to 80 years in prison.

A Connecticut pro-choice man has been has been sentenced to 80 years in prison after hiring a hit man to kill his pregnant girlfriend when she refused to have an abortion.

As Life Dynamics previously reported, when 23-year-old Carlton “C.J.” Bryan requested that his pregnant girlfriend, 21 year-old Shamari Jenkins, get an abortion she refused.

This would prove to be a fateful decision for the young woman who wanted her unborn child.

Jenkins was later shot in the back in a murder for hire scheme after, Bryan her then ex-boyfriend, convinced his friend, 26-year-old Matthew Allen Hall-Davis to murder the pregnant woman on April 29, 2013.

Prosecutors say that Bryan “did not want to be saddled with that child.”

Prosecutor Cathryn Krinitsky said that Bryan wanted Jenkins dead because she “previously decided to have an abortion but decided not to.”

Witnesses testified that Bryan had talked to them about his anger toward Jenkins, who wanted to have the baby, and how her refusal to have an abortion angered him to the point of wanting her dead.

Bryan received the 80 years prison sentence July 20, 2015 in Hartford Superior Court.

Hall-Davis was eventually convicted of murder and weapons charges.

He was sentenced to 70 years in prison and an additional five years for criminal possession of a firearm.

War on Women UTR

Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics, Inc. has documented that violence against pregnant women who refuse to submit to abortion is not rare.

Crutcher points out that leaders of the contemporary “women’s movement” are acutely aware of this situation and remain stone silent.

NAF Under the Radar

For political and public relations reasons, those who most loudly proclaim “a woman’s right to choose,” have shown no interest in “a woman’s right not to choose.” On one hand, they may not approve of women being bludgeoned or killed for refusing to have abortions. But on the other hand, they have made it clear that they are willing to write-off these women as just collateral damage in the war to keep abortion legal,” he says.


  1. G. Nelson Leerskov says:

    I wonder how often it REALLY is a WOMAN’s “choice” to destroy her own child. If it weren’t for lazy, irresponsible men and high-minded, self-righteous relatives and self-important, know-it-all social engineers, not to mention greedy, self-serving abortion providers, I’m betting abortions might finally become “rare.”

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