Will the Feminist Movement Stay Silent As Another Dies For Refusing To Abort?

Police have uncovered evidence indicating Marshay Wesson was killed because she refused to get an abortion. Will the feminist movement write her off too?

It was early in the morning when a local found pregnant, 19-year-old Marshay Marisha Wesson slumped over the steering wheel of her car three and a half years ago.

The scene of the crime where Marshay Marisha Wesson was found shot by prochoice man
Police investigating the scene of the crime. (28th Street North and Wheeling Ave).
Photo By: MICHAEL WYKE of the Tulsa World

Not long after the investigation began, local police stated that the evidence indicated that Wesson and her child had been shot by someone she knew.

Recently, Sgt. Dave Walker added in a statement to the Tulsa World that police believed the shooting was personal because of the number of times she was shot and placement of those bullet wounds (several in her head and stomach).

Police suspected from the beginning that she and her unborn child had been killed by the child’s father, 26-year-old Kenneth Lee Hopkins, but they didn’t have any eyewitnesses and lacked enough evidence to arrest him.

Since then, the police has uncovered evidence they believe prove not only his guilt – but his motive.

Kenneth Lee Hopkins
Mugshot of Kenneth Lee Hopkins

Hopkins wanted her to to get an abortion but she refused.

Then, just a few weeks before she was killed, Hopkins received a court order to garnish his wages for child support. This evidence seems to explain why the woman who had been in the head, would have also been shot where her eight-month-old unborn child was positioned.

Unfortunately, cases where a woman has been killed or attacked because she refused to have an abortion are far from rare.

The Under the Radar Pro-Choice Violence in the Conflict Over Abortion - The Real War on Women
Click here to read the Under the Radar report.

A report published in 2012 by Life Dynamics has documented over 80 cases where women were murdered because they would not have an abortion.

Life Dynamics president, Mark Crutcher, points out that the legalization of abortion has introduced another question into the mix that feminists who claim abortion advances women’s equality never anticipated…

How would the kind of men who rely on abortion as a safety net to avoid any commitments to the women and responsibilities to the children they father, react when the women they impregnate are unwilling to jump into it?

While the report proves that often times these men will resort to intimidation and violence to get off the hook, pro-choice leaders of the contemporary “women’s movement” are acutely aware of this situation and remain stone cold silent about it.

[The feminist movement]  have made it clear they are willing to write-off these women as just collateral damage in the war to keep abortion legal.

-Mark Crutcher

President of Life Dynamics

The Under the Radar report is another piece of conclusive evidence of the feminist movement’s abysmal betrayal to women and the very harm women suffer daily because of it.

Help us end break the media’s and feminist movement’s silence by sharing the Life Dynamics Under the Radar report.


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