Episode 4: Constitutional Showdown – A bold strategy to end legalized abortion in America.
Episode Synopsis:

Exclusively on our podcast, we introduce a unique and bold proposal for how we can end legalized abortion in America.

Episode Duration: 29 min

In This Episode We Discuss:
  1. Greetings & updates on what has been going on (00:24)
  2. Today’s topic is in response to episode two’s topic of how abortion is not a state’s right issue (01:44)
  3. A proposal for how we can end legalized abortion. (04:37)
  4. The problem the pro-life movement is trying to address is not abortion, it’s the lack of value for the unborn. (06:13)
  5. What this plan looks like. (09:05)
  6. Constitutional Showdown (13:38)
  7. Recalling how the Roe vs. Wade decision came about in the first place. (16:32)
  8. We’ve got to be as bold in our defense of the unborn as the other side is in killing them. (19:28)
  9. To the naysayers… (21:30)
  10. Where to find our Constitutional Showdown Article (26:17)
  11. Closing Statements (21:06)
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One More Thing…

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