Episode 3: Abortion Industry Shows It’s True Colors During The Coronavirus Pandemic
Episode Synopsis:

Much of America is self isolating, churches, schools and businesses have closed – but for America’s abortion clinics its “business as usual.” In fact, from their fights with states to remain open, to asking for donations of scarcely available protective gear, to shady behavior that could worsen the spread of coronavirus – their recent actions reveal that nothing is more important to them than killing babies.

Episode Duration: 21 min

In This Episode We Discuss:
  1. Introductions (00:25)
  2. Quarantine life & the current state of our country (00:47)
  3. It’s “business as usual” for the abortion industry. (02:08)
  4. Breaking it down state by state (05:15)
  5. How this connects to our last episode and how clinics are circumventing safety measures by referring to other states. (10:10)
  6. The hypocrisy of this double standard (15:22)
  7. Why we can’t just sit back and what we can do. (16:13)
  8. Our next episode… (19:03)
  9. Closing Statements (20:06)
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