Episode 110 | Responding To MORE Pro-Choice Arguments
Episode Synopsis:

Did you know we take listener questions? Listener Suzette asks “ … [I] often have discussions with people. I’m having a hard time with the response ‘I know it’s a human life that’s being ended but I’m ok with that.’… How do I respond to that?… [Also] I often get that remark that says abortion is safer than birth and they provide sources. I’m having problems finding sources that say otherwise.”

So this week, we discuss the “abortion is safer than birth” argument that the pro-choice side likes to use and other pro-choice rhetoric!

Episode Duration: 25 min

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In This Episode We Discuss:
  1. Greetings (00:24)
  2. Part one of our listener question from Suzette M (01:03)
  3. Part two of our listener question from Suzette M (03:28)
  4. Is abortion safer than childbirth? (04:21)
  5. Psychological impacts of abortion (07:00)
  6. Medical community ignoring the facts – the link between abortion & breast cancer (11:15)
  7. Does the pro-choice side really believe abortion is safer than childbirth? (19:23)
  8. Do you have a question about abortion or defending the pro-life position? (22:08)
  9. Final Thoughts (24:15)

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