Episode 29 | Abortion & The Constitution
Episode Synopsis:

We discuss the confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett and how Roe vs Wade was a hot topic during the hearing. With so much discussion about “super precedents” we dive into the origins of Roe, the Supreme Court’s rational of their decision, what Roe actually did, and what other Supreme Court justices have said about the decision. Plus, we shed light on the important companion decision to Roe and how the principle of rights having limits and relativity come into play during pregnancy.

Episode Duration: 27 min

In This Episode We Discuss:
  1. Greetings (00:24)
  2. Confirmation Hearing for Amy Coney Barrett (00:34)
  3. What various Supreme Court judges have said about Roe (8:35)
  4. The origins of Roe vs Wade (9:56)
  5. What Roe vs Wade does (11:04)
  6. Doe vs Bolton – The companion decision to Roe (12:35)
  7. The reasoning behind Roe (14:26)
  8. Looking back to the framers of the constitution (17:19)
  9. How Roe is overturned is crucial! (18:48)
  10. A woman’s rights vs the unborn’s rights (20:51)
  11. Closing Statements (26:26)
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1 Comment

  • On the parasite argument, no parasite attacks it’s own species. Ticks or leeches don’t suck on their own kind kind as ticks aren’t parasites on other ticks. Consequently humans are not parasites to other humans. On another subject; You will probably be busy with a Supreme Court hearings but:
    Show Idea: Civics Lesson- Ask any person student, millennial, worker, teacher the question “Where do our Rights come from or who grants the citizen their Rights?” You will get every answer from the Government, Justice Department, the Court’s, the President to the police.
    The answer according to Christian religion, Natural Law and our Founding Documents is God or as the Declaration of Independence says Our Creator. Further our Government mission is to safeguard those Rights.
    American exceptionalism comes from how we deviated from European monarchies that said control of the subjects Rights came from God to the Monarch who when then decide what rides would be devised out to subjects- few or none. Thomas Jefferson took the radical step of saying No. Our Rights come directly from our Creator.
    Further point out the difference in what are called Human Rights as opposed to what I call ‘specialty rights’ like women’s rights, LGBT rights, African American Rights even Civil Rights. First Rights are called Rights because they express the freedom to do right. That’s why we don’t call them wrongs. And when you give a specific group of people rights you deny others their rights. LGBT rights suddenly deny others their freedom of religion rights. The only true rights are Human Rights (handed down by God, written in Natural Law and enshrined in our Constitution) because they apply to every person.
    Consequently (and this would make an excellent message) When Extraordinary Rights Are Granted to Women, the Rights of the Child To Life Are Denied. Allan D.

    Comment by Allan Dyer on October 21, 2020 at 6:23 pm

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