Episode 30 | Pro-Choicers At War With Themselves
Episode Synopsis:

There is a major rift between two factions in the pro-choice movement. We reveal what they are and how it not only impacts their side, but our attempts to change the minds of people who are pro-choice. We explain how it is important to understand which people are winnable and how we have to accept that some people will never change their minds on abortion. Plus, with the upcoming elections, we discuss how, regardless of how the elections go, we cannot simply wait for politicians to do our work for us.

Episode Duration: 24 min

In This Episode We Discuss:
  1. Greetings (00:24)
  2. Internal conflicts within the Pro-Life Movement (01:07)
  3. The two groups within the pro-choice movement (7:30)
  4. Don’t try to win over hard-core pro-choicers (8:14)
  5. Personal experiences with abortion (13:06)
  6. The major rift between the “talkers” and the “doers” of the pro-choice movement (15:36)
  7. Getting discouraged from failed conversations with pro-choicers (18:14)
  8. The pro-life movement’s own “doers” and “talkers” (20:45)
  9. Closing Statements (22:52)
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1 Comment

  • This was a phenomenal podcast I loved it I learned a lot. I was really impressed with the amount of research and observation that had gone into stating the facts about the doers and talkers of the pro-choice movement. I actually thought it would be harder to convince and abortionist of that a baby is a human being. I was very surprised to learn that it is more difficult to convince a talker who does not do abortions or doesn’t work there that the babies are human. I also wonder if there is some way to deal with the fact that most of those talkers are people who had an abortion, And they would have to admit that they have murdered their child. So it’s interesting to see how different people react. The people who had an abortion would really need to find the Lord to overcome the obstacle of knowing that they actually murdered their own baby, rather than admit that they stay in denial and claim that it was only a glob of tissue another human being.

    Comment by Linda M on October 23, 2020 at 5:07 pm

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