Episode 103 | Answering The Most Googled Questions on Abortion

This week on the Pro-Life America podcast, Sarah and Mark (ok, mostly Mark) answers the most searched questions on abortion!

Episode Synopsis:

This week, Sarah and Mark (ok, mostly Mark) answers some of the most searched questions on abortion!

Episode Duration: 30 min

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In This Episode We Discuss:
  1. Greetings (00:23)
  2. Political Questions (01:08)
  3. Is abortion a constitutional right? (01:18)
  4. What abortion(s) are legal? (04:14)
  5. Is abortion legal in all states? (06:55)
  6. Does abortion reduce crime? (09:06)
  7. Bill Gates Question (11:45)
  8. Health Questions (14:10)
  9. What abortion procedures are there? (14:14)
  10. How long does an abortion take? (21:00)
  11. Is abortion painful? (21:49)
  12. What is the process for the abortion pill? (25:14)
  13. What is incomplete abortion? And what is missed abortion? (26:27)
  14. Can abortion cause infertility? How? (27:00)
  15. Planned Parenthood Questions (28:21)
  16. Is Planned Parenthood pro-life? (28:26)
  17. Does Planned Parenthood do abortions for free? (28:44)
  18. Is Planned Parenthood Federally Funded? (29:00)
  19. Final Thoughts (29:19)
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