No choice for women who take abortion pill say “pro-choice” advocates

So-called pro-choice on abortion advocates have shown their true colors by opposing abortion pill reversals which allow women the choice to have their babies. Recently, Dr. Matthew Harrison, associate medical director for Abortion Pill Reversal, explained the method behind abortion pill reversals on the pro-life show Life Talk TV. You can watch that interview here….

So-called pro-choice on abortion advocates have shown their true colors by opposing abortion pill reversals which allow women the choice to have their babies.

ARK Proaborts

Recently, Dr. Matthew Harrison, associate medical director for Abortion Pill Reversal, explained the method behind abortion pill reversals on the pro-life show Life Talk TV.

You can watch that interview here.

Now, a new law in Arkansas which requires abortionists to notify their patients that the abortion pill can be reversed has come under attack by guess who?

Yes- abortion advocates.

Three Arizona doctors and Planned Parenthood have filed a federal lawsuit challenging the new law.

The law is due to take effect on July 3.

Planned Parenthood abortion pill reversal lawsuit prolife


NARAL ab lie

Abortion advocates “claim” the abortion pill reversals are not sound medical science.

Funny how they want “sound medical science” when you want to save the unborn baby but ignore it when they want to kill the child.

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Lately, the ever growing list of women who have successfully reversed their abortions appears to be haunting the purveyors of “choice.”

Vanessa Garcia

Garcia, is one woman who has successfully reversed the effects of the abortion pills she took.

She recently told an NBC affiliate that she was grateful her baby girl was rescued.

Venessa reversed abortion

I’m grateful for it, I’m grateful to God,” the young Arizona mother said.

“The fact that I could reverse that process, I mean, she’s [Diana] my life now.”

Gipsy Salcedo

Salcedo is also grateful.

The New York City military mom told a New York news outlet that she was told she was infertile, only to find out she was pregnant one day.

Guest Mom Gipsy Salcedo

She went to the doctor, and was devastated when she was given a pill she signed for, later found out was the abortion pill.

The nurse came in and said it taken care of. I said well what do you mean? And she’s like well it’s gonna terminate your pregnancy, you’re gonna have to make Motrin, it’s gonna relieve the pain, I was like what do you mean the pain? I’m pro life! You told me I couldn’t even have kids why would you think I wouldn’t want my child

    • ?” she said.

Salcedo said she and her boyfriend went home crying and began to Google options for reversing the effects of the abortion pill.

We finally found one clinic in New York City that had the treatment,” she said. “She gave me a progesterone shot and then gave me a progesterone capsule. She saw me every week to see how the baby was.”

Candy Campama

Seven months ago Campama shared her abortion reversal story with News12.

She started the process of aborting her child but changed her mind the night after taking the RU-486 pill.

I just felt I made the wrong decision and tried to find help,” Campama said, “It’s just a blessing to know there is help out there for (me) and other young girls.”

Andrea Minichini

Gabriel and Andrea abortion pill reversal_645_860_55

Last year, Minichini sought an abortion at a Planned Parenthood in New Jersey, where she was given mifepristone, the first of a two-drug abortion pill regimen to kill babies up until nine weeks in the womb.

Mifepristone blocks progesterone, and therefore starves the baby while the second drug, Misoprostol, causes contractions, which expel the baby.

A desperate Google search led her to a 24-hour hotline (877-558-0333) run by the website

Her son, Gabriel David born Dec. 31, 2014, is proof abortion pill reversals work.

There are many more testimonials and the list is growing daily.

More on Minichini’s story here.


Instead of the usual pro-choice for abortion rhetoric, abortion advocates are proudly protesting the reversal method, calling it “junk science.”


Dr. Harrison has explained in detail how research is conducted and why the attacks on their methods are motivated by ideology and not facts.

Cover Dr Matthew Harrison MD Abortion Pill Reversal Life Talk April 2015 2
“People need to understand how research is performed,” Dr. Harrison told the viewers of Life Talk TV in May.

Unfortunately a lot of physicians and people in the abortion industry apparently don’t understand how basic research is done.

“Initially, someone has an idea that makes scientific sense. Certainly, in this case, RU486 which is a blocker of progesterone, it seems like it would make perfect scientific sense to be able to undo that with extra progesterone. Because, as everyone in receptor biology knows, and are taught in very basic science class, that when a receptor receives a chemical that attaches to that receptor, it’s very rarely locked and never coming off. It is in a state of flux constantly.

“And so, if we can introduce more progesterone that will activate the receptor then it makes good scientific sense that we could out compete the RU486 that is not allowing the receptor to work,”he said.

Suport Life Dynamics prolife abortion

Dr. Harrison said that the second step in research is to see how it works in animal models.

We have seen in rat studies, from years ago, that if you administer both RU486 as well as progesterone at the same time, that the progesterone can outcompete the RU486 and nullify its effects.”

The next step can involve controlled or retrospective studies, according to Dr. Harrison, depending on what you are researching. He said that it would be unethical to have women become pregnant and give some RU486 with progesterone and some without the progesterone to see how many babies live.

He said that the reason all of the studies that he and his colleagues have done do not have an ethical board reviewing them is because they are all retrospective studies.

“We find women who have made the decision on their own, to reverse their abortion. And then we’re following whatever protocol they were administered to see what the outcome is. And, so this is how research has been done really for hundreds of years especially in situations where we don’t exactly know the outcome and the outcome can be very life changing and can even lead to death.”

Dr. Harrison said that they are in the process of establishing a protocol that is as effective and as safe as possible.

You can watch Dr. Harrison’s full interview with Life Talk TV about this process here.

Mark Crutcher LIfe Talk Feb 2015

Mark Crutcher, president Life Dynamics, Inc., has summed up why the abortion industry is attacking abortion pill reversal methods quite well, “The abortion lobby always says that they are not for abortion, they are just for women having the “right to choose.” But apparently women should not have the right to un-choose.”

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