Pro-life doctor discusses abortion pill reversals

A pro-life doctor said he has successfully used abortion pill reversals to help women who have changed their minds deliver a health baby. On the April edition of Life Talk TV, a pro-life show produced at the studios of Life Dynamics in Denton, Texas, host Mark Crutcher and his panel interview a doctor, who not…

A pro-life doctor said he has successfully used abortion pill reversals to help women who have changed their minds deliver a health baby.

On the April edition of Life Talk TV, a pro-life show produced at the studios of Life Dynamics in Denton, Texas, host Mark Crutcher and his panel interview a doctor, who not only performs abortion pill reversals, but helped create the protocol for them.

Dr Matthew Harrison MD Abortion Pill Reversal Life Talk April 2015

Crutcher begins the show by sharing how, over the years, Life Dynamics has had women call the office after having laminaria inserted for their multiday abortion procedure, because they had a change of heart.

Laminaria abortion

These procedures are done in the second and third trimester where the abortionist has to use the laminaria to expand the cervix to be able to get large instruments in to kill the baby.

They’ll go home that night and they will feel their baby kick and they will change their mind. ” Crutcher said.

Mark Crutcher Abortion pill Reversal Laminaria Life Talk April 2015

And, they will call the abortion clinic back and say ‘I’ve changed my mind’ and 100% of the time they will be told it’s too late. That the baby is already dead or he’s been injured…And we started getting doctors around the country, we had one right here in Dallas, who developed a reputation for being able to remove the laminaria and later deliver a perfectly healthy baby with no problem.”

Suport Life Dynamics prolife abortion

But, Crutcher points out, reversals were always considered unlikely in the case of the abortion pill, RU486.

Until now…

Dr. Matthew Harrison, associate medical director for Abortion Pill Reversal, explains that RU486 is a medication which blocks progesterone receptors.

Guest Matt Harrison

It mimics progesterone,” Dr. Harrison said of RU486, “It recognizes the receptor in the woman’s body, and then it attaches to that receptor but then it does not allow, at the cellular level, the woman’s body to function like it’s supposed to. So, it’s kind of like if you have a lock, and you have a key that will fit in it but it will not turn the lock and unlock it.

“RU486, when it’s given to a woman, blocks their progesterone receptors and the placenta is then essentially starved of nutrition. The woman’s body thinks it’s going through progesterone withdraw, which is essentially what happens when a woman has a period, a menstrual cycle, and the placenta just sloughs away and the baby is robbed of nutrition and then dies and comes out as an abortion.

Dr. Harrison explained that he began to investigate abortion reversals in 2006 after he was approached by a woman who tearfully wanted to save her baby after taking the abortion pill.

I literally told her I needed to step out of my office and pray and try to figure out if there’s anything we can do,” he told the Life Talk viewers.

He said he then proceeded to give the patient “a bunch of good progesterone to allow those receptors to work properly.”

She later went to the emergency room and got an ultrasound and was able to hear the baby’s heartbeat. After several days, she stopped bleeding and they continued with the treatments and she delivered a health baby girl, he said.

Since that time other physicians have learned the process and to this point Dr. Harrison and his colleagues have confirmed 91 babies that have been born healthy, without side affects, and about 50 more women who are currently in the protocol.

When women take RU486 and regret it, they immediately go back to their abortion provider who says there is nothing that can be done, the babies will be developing improperly, they will be mentally slow or something,” the doctor explained.

So, they use these scare tactics to kind of frighten women into thinking that they need to go ahead and finish off what they started. But, we have seen absolutely no adverse side affects,” he said.

March Crutcher pointed out that the abortion industry is giving women RU486 in third dosages to what it was supposed to be under FDA guidelines, “600 milligrams is how it was approved by the FDA and they’re doing it in 200,” Cruicter said.

Does that increase the chances that you can reverse it?” Crutcher asked Dr. Harrison.

Oh, absolutely,” the doctor replied, “and the other thing is that the FDA approved it for up to seven weeks. But we are seeing abortion clinics use it up into the nine and ten week pregnancy stage. We definitely find that the later the woman is given RU486 during her pregnancy, the better the chances are of reversing it,” he stated.


Dr. Harrison pointed out that the ideal reversal needs to begin at the earliest possible time and hopefully within the first 72 hours of a woman taking the abortion pill.

He said that although it is best if the woman has not taken the second drug to the abortion pill procedure, cytotec, which causes the woman to go into labor and to expel the baby, there have been a couple of women who, after taking cytotec were still able to have the baby with the reversal process.


Abortion Pill Reversal Kit PFL

Dr. Harrison along with his colleagues, have developed an abortion pill reversal kit, which is available to medical clinics and medical pregnancy crisis centers. Dr. Harrison said that they would also like to get the kits on mobile sonogram or ultrasound units that locate outside abortion clinics.

The emergency abortion pill reversal kits are available at the website, and contain all the paperwork, protocol, consent forms, and health care mandate forms to be able to get information between doctors under HPPA.

Abortion Pill Reversal Kit

The kits also carry the disposables for the injections and the bandages, but, because progesterone has to be prescribed locally, doctors will have to purchase and have on hand their own progesterone.

Progesterone needs to be in the office and ready to use as soon as the patient walks in,” Dr. Harrison pointed out.

Currently, there are about 220 physicians across the country that are ready to deliver the reversal process to women.

Dr. Harrison and those he is in touch with have been able to document reversals in 11 countries and 34 states.


Methotrexate and Misprostol

Dr. Harrison said that they are now looking into methotrexate reversals.

He told the Life Talk panel that there is a medication used on cancer patients called, leucovorin, and when methotrexate becomes too toxic, leucovorin has been used to reverse the drug’s effects on the cellular level.

Dr Harrison said this drug might be another avenue to reverse methotrexate used for abortion.


Crutcher pointed out that abortion pill reversals would be a great way for a physician to use their training and expertise and knowledge in the pro-life movement.

Dr. Harrison agreed, noting that it is unfortunate that physicians are generally trained in the culture of death, “In the medical field, we accept defeat, we accept what the medical industry is telling us,” he said.

“But, you know, when a person comes into the emergency room, and they’ve been shot, we don’t just throw up our hands and walk away and say, well there’s nothing we can do. We try to do whatever we can to help that mother and help that baby. So, it really is just kind of a different perspective on life. And, that’s what I was trained to do is to save life and preserve life and respect life. So, I think that other doctors need to understand that when someone comes to you in a desperate situation, we need to listen to the patient and see if there is a way we can help in any way possible.”

It’s amazing,” Crutcher stated, “These babies try desperately to live. By all rights, most of the things that the abortion industry does should kill them. But, they fight to live.”

abortion pill reversals Frank Pavone 52039664576364336_n

Women who have had successful abortion pill reversals have gone public with their stores, as Life Dynamics has reported in the past.

This week, Arizona became the first state to pass a law requiring doctors who perform drug-induced abortions to tell women that the procedure may be reversible.

Abortion Pill Reversal website

If you are a physician who wants to help with abortion pill reversals or a woman seeking the process, call 877-558-0333 or go to the website

Watch the full interview with Dr. Matthew Harrison on abortion pill reversals in the Life Talk video below:

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