Baby born after doctors reversed effect of abortion pill taken by mother

A pregnant woman, who was given the abortion pill without her knowledge and completed a process to reversed the pill’s effect , has given birth.

Fox 46 in Charlotte reported the story.

Guest Matthew Harrison

The news station spoke with Dr. Matthew Harrison, a North Carolina doctor instrumental in developing an abortion pill reversal kit used to reverse the effects of the abortion pill on women who change their mind after they ingest them.

Guest Matthew Pill Reversal Kit

“We’re looking at about 120-130 women right now who have babies that are surviving and doing well and it looks like we have about a 60 percent success rate, which is much better than if you do nothing,” said Dr. Matthew Harrison told the station.

We’re hoping that this gives a woman a choice when she thinks she made a mistake. I want to save the baby and do whatever I can to help, and this gives an immediate choice to her,” he said.

FOX 46 Charlotte

Life Dynamics recently published a blog on how this works which can be read here.

In the interview, the Fox station spoke to a woman who was given the abortion pill without knowledge of what it would do.

Guest Mom Gipsy Salcedo

From the report:

    Gipsy Salcedo wouldn’t have her 3-month-old son Nicholas if it wasn’t for the treatment.

    The New York City military mom told FOX 46 via phone that she was told all her life she was infertile, only to find out she was pregnant one day. She went to the doctor, and was devastated when she was given a pill she signed for, later found out was the abortion pill.

    The nurse came in and said it taken care of. I said well what do you mean? And she’s like well it’s gonna terminate your pregnancy, you’re gonna have to make Motrin, it’s gonna relieve the pain, I was like what do you mean the pain? I’m pro life! You told me I couldn’t even have kids why would you think I wouldn’t want my child?” she said.

    Salcedo said she and her boyfriend went home crying and began to Google options for reversing the effects of the abortion pill.

    “We finally found one clinic in New York City that had the treatment,” she said. “She gave me a progesterone shot and then gave me a progesterone capsule. She saw me every week to see how the baby was.”

    Guest Matthew Harrison Baby

    Baby Nicholas would eventually be born healthy at 7.5 lbs.

    “He’s such a healthy baby,” Salcedo said.

Information for women who want to know more about the abortion pill reversal process can be found at

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