Abortion advocates defend Purvi Patel who threw newborn in trash

Abortion rights advocates are rushing to the defense of Purvi Patel, a woman convicted of feticide after throwing her newborn baby in a trash dumpster.

Purvi Patel throws baby in trash dumpster feticide

The state of Indiana has sentenced the 33-year-old to 20 years in prison after taking abortion pills to abort the baby who was roughly thirty (30) weeks from conception.

Prosecutor Mark Roule called the act a crime of convenience, “A baby cannot be more dependent or vulnerable,” said Roule.

I support Purvi Patel feticide sign

As a result of Patel’s arrest, conviction and now sentencing, so-called “reproductive rights” activists are outraged. They are now attempting to spin the facts to claim Patel is being sent to prison for simply suffering a miscarriage.

Supporters have even taken to twitter and Facebook to rally support for the convicted woman.

The radical abortion rights blog, RH Reality Check has created a Purvi Patel Family Support Fund on their website.

Purvi Patel RH Reality Blog support

What this conviction means is that anti-abortion laws will be used to punish pregnant woman,” Lynn Paltrow, Executive Director for the abortion rights group, National Advocates for Pregnant Women said in response.

Paltrow has also served as the Vice President for Public Affairs for Planned Parenthood of New York City.

Planned Parenthood is also protesting the conviction and sentencing on social media:

Planned Parenthood Purvi Patel sentencing

Planned Parenthood Purvi Patel

Daily Kos Purvi Patel

RH Reality Purvi Patel

Jessica Pieklo, Senior Legal Analyst for the pro-abortion RH Reality Check blog, blamed Purvi’s arrest on pro-lifers by tweeting, “Anti-choice groups blame legal abortion, applauds prosecutor for going after #PurviPatel”

RH Reality defends Purvi Patel

RH Reality Blog tweeted, “Miscarriage or illegal abortion? Despite lack of evidence, jury convicts #PurviPatel on all counts”

RH Reality

Even NARAL got on Patel’s bandwagon:

NARAL Purvi Patel

But, Forensic Pathologist Dr. Joseph Prahlow who performed an autopsy on the infant concluded the child had been born alive and had taken a breath.

Prosecutors told jurors that Patel’s baby never received a second of comfort or warmth from its mother, and didn’t even get a name.

Kelly McGuire Purvi Patel no miscarriage

There were two crimes. The first crime performing an abortion without going to a doctor in Indiana and that obviously led to disastrous consequences,” said Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Mark Roule. “After that, she made a terrible choice – neglect of a dependent and that’s the substance of count 1. She had a baby she wasn’t expecting and obviously her choices are what we’ve talked about for the past week.”

It was against the law, that’s all we really need to say about it,” said Roule.

It only took the jurors 5 hours to convict Patel.

Life Dynamics president, Mark Crutcher called Patel’s defenders, savages, saying that abortion advocates never met a baby they didn’t want to kill.

Crutcher pointed out that had Patel’s baby been found in the dumpster of an abortion clinic, no charges would have been filed, “The fact is, if the body of this child had been found in the dumpster of an abortion clinic instead of the dumpster of a restaurant this arrest would have never happened and Patel would just be another enlightened woman exercising her constitutional right to choose,” he stated at the time of Patel’s arrest.

Sentencing Judge Elizabeth Hurley was less than sympathetic to Patel, “I find aggravating as your treatment of the baby as literally a piece of trash,”

By not taking steps to try and get help you took away any chance at all the baby could have lived past the first couple minutes of life,” said Judge Hurley. “With no medical help, you ensured that baby’s death by putting him in the trash.”

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  • It’s fine to be pro-choice, but you’re misstating the facts in this case. Misstating facts just undermines your argument.

    Comment by marsha dingle on April 6, 2015 at 10:01 am
  • “Never let a crisis go to waste.” ~Rahm Emmanuel

    Comment by Mark Trail on March 31, 2015 at 9:04 pm

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