Abortion advocates called savages for defending woman convicted of feticide

A national pro-life leader has called abortion advocates, savages, after they defended a woman recently convicted of feticide after taking abortion pills to kill her baby. Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics, Inc., a national pro-life organization located in Denton, Texas said abortion advocates never met a baby they didn’t want to kill. 33-year-old Purvi…

A national pro-life leader has called abortion advocates, savages, after they defended a woman recently convicted of feticide after taking abortion pills to kill her baby.

Purvi Patel

Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics, Inc., a national pro-life organization located in Denton, Texas said abortion advocates never met a baby they didn’t want to kill.

33-year-old Purvi Patel, was arrested in July of 2013, after taking abortion pills she ordered online to end her 28-30 weeks pregnancy.

At the time of Patel’s arrest, Mark Crutcher, who called Patel another pro-choice poster child, also asked if the pro-choice community would call for Patel to be exonerated.

Mark Crutcher
Mark Crutcher

After all,” Crutcher said, “Doesn’t the pro-choice community believe that this was her choice?

And it did not take long to discover that the reproductive rights for abortion on demand crowd defended Patel.

During Patel’s trial, the Indiana Religious Coalition for Reproductive Justice dropped off a petition to St. Joseph County prosecutor Ken Cotter asking him to drop the feticide charge against Patel.

“Indiana has a long history of persecuting women whose pregnancy is not viable or end is not viable and it’s persecuting more than prosecuting,” said Rev. Marie Siroky of the Indiana Coalition for Reproductive Justice.

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In addition, abortion advocates are rushing to Patel’s defense on social media stating that her baby’s death was from a miscarriage and not an abortion.

Jessica Pieklo, Senior Legal Analyst for the pro-abortion RH Reality Check blog, blamed Purvi’s arrest on pro-lifers by tweeting, “Anti-choice groups blame legal abortion, applauds prosecutor for going after #PurviPatel”

RH Reality defends Purvi Patel

RH Reality Blog tweeted, “Miscarriage or illegal abortion? Despite lack of evidence, jury convicts #PurviPatel on all counts”

RH Reality

Even NARAL got on Patel’s bandwagon:

NARAL Purvi Patel

With NARAL Pro-choice WA tweeting, “Appalling. “Laws such as Indiana’s may deter pregnant women who need physical or mental health attn frm seeking help”

NARAL WA Purvi Patel

NNAF Purvi

Radically pro-abortion columnist Sally Kohn wrote an article where she blamed Patel’s charges on abortion laws:

Sally Kohn abortion Purvi Patel

“Anyone who doubts that laws restricting abortion rights actually restrict the freedom of women to fundamentally control their bodies and health should look at Indiana. In that state, a 33-year-old woman has been charged with “feticide” after suffering premature delivery and seeking hospital treatment. She becomes the second woman to recently be charged with “feticide” in Indiana. Nationwide, at least 37 other states have similar laws that have restricted the rights of pregnant women under the guise of supposedly protecting fetuses,” Kohn wrote.

An obstetrician who testified at the trial said he believed the baby was born alive and was not miscarried.

Kelly McGuire Purvi Patel no miscarriage

Crutcher said that for the abortion lobby to defend Purvi Patel shows one thing, that, “These savages never saw a baby they didn’t want to kill.

Suport Life Dynamics prolife abortion

According to Patel’s arrest affidavit when Patel showed up at the emergency room, doctors became suspicious that she had recently delivered a child.

Initial reports said that Patel denied giving birth but eventually told medical staff she had delivered a baby in her home and that she did not see the child breathing or moving and believed it was dead.

Purvi Patel

Investigators later discovered a text message by Patel to a friend shortly after her baby’s death that read, “Just lost the baby. I’m going to clean up my bathroom floor and then go to Moe’s.

Patel never called 911 after she delivered the baby.

After an initial examination doctors determined that Patel was probably 28 to 30 weeks into her pregnancy.

Patel told doctors she put the baby’s body in a bag and placed the baby in a trash bin behind the Super Target in Mishawaka.

Dr. Kelly McGuire, an obstetrician called in to St. Joseph Regional Medical Center to give a second opinion on Patel’s condition, testified that he expected they would find the infant alive based on the position of the placenta and size of the umbilical cord.

Doctor Body baby Purvi Patel

He was with police when they pulled the infant’s body, which was wrapped in a plastic bag, from the dumpster.

Officers who searched the dumpster said they found paper towels, paper products and cloth products covered in blood before finding a plastic bag with the infant inside, WSBT reports.

The baby had a full head of dark hair, ears, a nose, arms, legs and feet. The child was lying on its side on top of a plastic bag.

Doctors estimated that the newborn was roughly thirty (30) weeks from conception.

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Crutcher pointed out that had Patel’s baby been found in the dumpster of an abortion clinic, no charges would have been filed, “The fact is, if the body of this child had been found in the dumpster of an abortion clinic instead of the dumpster of a restaurant this arrest would have never happened and Patel would just be another enlightened woman exercising her constitutional right to choose,” he stated at the time of Patel’s arrest.

Forensic Pathologist Dr. Joseph Prahlow who performed an autopsy on the infant concluded the child had been born alive and had taken a breath.

Prosecutors told jurors that Patel’s baby never received a second of comfort or warmth from its mother, and didn’t even get a name.

There were two crimes. The first crime performing an abortion without going to a doctor in Indiana and that obviously led to disastrous consequences,” said Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Mark Roule. “After that, she made a terrible choice – neglect of a dependent and that’s the substance of count 1. She had a baby she wasn’t expecting and obviously her choices are what we’ve talked about for the past week.”

It was against the law, that’s all we really need to say about it,” said Roule.

It only took the jurors 5 hours to convict Patel.

Sentencing has been set for March 6th. The child neglect charge carries a maximum of 50 years behind bars.

The feticide charge carries a maximum of 20 years.


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  2. Karen Illian says:

    Ofcoarse its murder! The baby was born and breathed. That poor innocent little angel died alone in a dumpster. She is sick. If the baby were born dead then she would’ve just taken her/ him with her to the hospital but instead tried to hide the truth.

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