Film addresses so-called “hard cases” of abortion and rape

A 58 minute documentary published online about abortion and rape answers the so-called hard cases by interviewing victims of rape as well as children born of rape and incest. All too often we hear that abortion should be allowed for cases of rape and incest. But, just as the unborn had no voice until pro-life…

A 58 minute documentary published online about abortion and rape answers the so-called hard cases by interviewing victims of rape as well as children born of rape and incest.

All too often we hear that abortion should be allowed for cases of rape and incest.

But, just as the unborn had no voice until pro-life people began showing the developing child on the womb or the violence of abortion by showing the public what the abortion victim looks like, children conceived in rape also have a face.

In the film, Lianna Rebolledo tells how, at the age of 12, she was abducted and brutally raped by two man.

Rebolledo said that after her rape she was taken to the hospital and the doctor told her that she was pregnant and that she could have an abortion, because, “the baby will always remind me what I went through,” the doctor said to her.

Lianna Rebolledo

Rebolledo said that she asked the doctor if the abortion would make her forget the rape.

And he said no. And so I thought, why should I kill my baby, why should I give my baby the death penalty when it wasn’t my baby’s fault.”

Rebolledo now believes that her daughter gave her back hope and life, “She helped me to move on and helped me to heal. I never saw my rapist in my daughter. When she was a little girl she used to tell me, “Mommy thank you for giving me life, thank you for keeping me.” That’s when I realized that she was the one that gave me my life back, she says in the video.

Ashley Sigrest said that the abortion she had, did not make her rape any better, “I could never get over the rape mainly because I could not get past the abortion.”

She said that she was always against abortion but that there is no support for victims of rape who choose to keep their babies.

Ashley Rape and Abortion

When I came to the clinic, I was hoping there would be sidewalk counselors or what I thought were protesters at the time, out there screaming and yelling, because I knew that I would chicken out. That if I was faced with any opposition – I would change my mind. But, no one was there.”

She said that although she did not choose to be raped, she made the choice to kill her child and that permanent decision was constantly there.

“I had to live everyday knowing that I killed my child. It wasn’t the rapists child, it was my child.”

Ashley said even Christian people who claim to be against abortion try and excuse her abortion, “There’s always another choice. There is no support for rape victims to tell them there is another option,” she says.

She said that after getting counseling and reading scripture she came to the knowledge of the forgiveness of Christ, “It was my unborn child that led me to Christ,” she says.

I understand that people want to be gentle with rape victims,” she says, “I know it’s hard for people to really understand how you deal with a woman who has just been horribly violated in one of the worst ways. And, that you think, if she has to carry a rapist’s baby that’s just going to make her have to relive the rape over and over again, so abortion is the only answer so she can move on. But what they don’t realize is you’re just adding a thousand pound weight on top of the rape. You’re not making it better – you’re making it worse,” she said.

Ashley Boyer kept her son after being raped.

She said that she realized that it was not her child’s fault and the rape was not her fault – and she did not want to kill her baby and chose to keep her son who is now three.

To be perfectly honest, there are days I don’t even remember how he was created. There are weeks and months that go by that I don’t think about it.”

Ashleys Son

I look at my son, like he’s my son. And, I love him and I wouldn’t change him for the world,” she said lovingly.

The documentary is called, Conceived in Rape and Other Exceptions, and producer Kevin Williams said that he was inspired after he said Christians told him that abortion was morally wrong except in the case of rape and incest.

Kevin says that he began to search the scriptures which caused him to weep because he came to the realization that God had great love for rape conceived children.

Williams, who now faithfully counsels outside Planned Parenthood, said that God revealed to him that children conceived in rape are special gifts from God and that God had promised to get the word out about children conceived in rape.

He humbly said that this film is one of those ways.

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In addition to rape and incest, the film also looks at cases of babies aborted for so-called medical reasons.


Castan Brown’s family said that their little angel died at at 8 months after birth from Mosaic Triploidy but taught them a lot.

Castan Brown Born 30 weeks _291919834_o

Castan was born at at 30 weeks, 10 weeks from his due date on 4-27-2012. He weighed 1lb 12oz and was 14 inches long. His mother said the doctor told her he would have recommended abortion but that she was too far along when they diagnosed him.

They say that they get testimonies from people on Facebook who say that Casten’s story has changed their life.

The documentary is a powerful pro-life tool for the so-called “hard cases” to abortion.

Conceived in Rape and Other Exceptions, features well known pro-life advocate Rebecca Kiessling, an articulate spokesperson for the hard cases.

Her story along with other life affirming examples can be viewed at:

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