Is Roe v Wade on a Collision Course?

Co-hosts and Thomas Messner, discuss the constitutionality of Roe v Wade, the “Viability Rule” and the states right to limit or ban abortion.

Wednesday brought a new hard-hitting episode of Life Talk that has people wondering:

is Roe V Wade on a collision course with itself?

Roe v Wade is one of two landmark decisions that together established legalized abortion (throughout all nine months) in the United States. A few Supreme Court justices had been waiting for cases to come along that would enable them to legalize abortion on a federal level and take the decision away from the individual states. That’s why abortion was legalized, in Roe, on the basis that it was on the penumbra of the right to privacy. Roe also included a “compromise” that appears to allow states to pass some restrictions.

In this new episode of Life Talk, co-hosts Mark Crutcher, Renee Hobbs, and Destiny Herndon-De la Rosa interview a pro-life legal scholar of the Charlotte Lozier Institute, Thomas Messner, about the constitutionality of the “Viability Rule” and the individual states rights to limit or ban abortion after a certain point in development.

“They’re (the abortion lobby) cherry picking jurisdictions because they know if this issue (a state’s 20 week abortion limit) ever gets to the supreme court, there’s a very good chance the supreme court will up-hold these laws.”

-Thomas Messner

Charlotte Lozier Institute

The interview with Thomas Messner.

“The reason the people who oppose these 20 week laws are afraid to challenge them in court because they know the viability rule is really a bad rule, its arbitrary, it’s unjust, it’s unworkable…”

-Thomas Messner

Charlotte Lozier Institute

The hosts also discuss how it is increasingly important for someone who is pro-life to discuss their position on abortion with whoever they are dating, as quickly as possible. In some cases, it might just mean the difference between life and death….

Plus you don’t want to miss Mark’s explanation on why abortion clinics don’t report the rape of children, one politician’s request for men to “shut the hell up,” the clinic that attempts to offer the “spa-like” abortion, and more!

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