Bittersweet News

UPDATED: 6/29/21 to provide more information on our podcast.

The End Of An Era

For those who have been following our work since the beginning, this announcement may come as a surprise: we are ending the production of LifeTalk. This is a terribly sad day for us- and we have avoided making this decision for several years, but there are some harsh realities we can no longer ignore.

When we started LifeTalk in May of 1999, we were bringing you information that was timely and not available anywhere else. But because of the Internet, social media, and the 24-hour news cycle, that is no longer the case. Depending on how you viewed the show, either online or on DVD, the information in ranged from several days to a month old – and sometimes even two months old! That doesn’t work in our modern world, and it has caused our DVD subscriber base to plummet from several thousand a month to fewer than 300.

So as much as we love LifeTalk, we have reluctantly accepted that it no longer has a place in the movement and that good stewardship requires us to use our limited resources in a more effective way. We know that some of you have been loyal LifeTalk viewers since the first show and will be as sad about this as we are, but we must always be willing to do what is best for the cause we serve no matter how painful it might be.

Now on to happier news.

We have always believed that when God closes one door, He opens another – and that is happening in this situation. To fill the gap left by LifeTalk, we have launched a new weekly podcast called Pro-Life America and it is provocative and sometimes controversial.

Top Episodes of our Pro-Life America podcast: 

- Episode 1: Proof The Pro-Life Movement is WINNING!

-Episode 4: Constitutional Showdown, A Bold Strategy To End Legalized Abortion

- Episode 11: "Black Lives Matter" And The Racism of Abortion

-Episode 2: Why Abortion Should Never Be Sent Back To The States

-Episode 31: The Secret Agenda Behind RU-486

-Episode 3: Abortion Industry Shows It's True Colors During Coronavirus Pandemic

-Episode 38: Pro-Choicers Are The Real Science Deniers!

-Episode 9: Is Planned Parenthood Trying To Become A Government Agency?

-Episode 19: The Abortion Industry Harbors Pedophiles and Sex Traffickers

Listen at or on your favorite podcast platform.

You can listen here on the Life Dynamics website using your web browser or on your favorite podcast platform – such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Podcast Addict and more! For a full list of platforms, click here.

We will also be producing some other videos and audio products designed to keep the pro-life movement informed while, at the same time, educating the new people coming onboard. As bittersweet as these changes are, we hope you will give this new direction a chance.

In the meantime…

Fans of Life Talk will still be able to go watch past episodes, and memorable moments of the show on the LifeTalkTv YouTube channel. We encourage everyone to give the show a memorable send off by going back and watching your favorite past episodes.

What was your favorite episode of LifeTalk?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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