New FastForward Video Reveals Decades Old Secret The Abortion Lobby Hid From The Black Community

This is something the American abortion lobby has been hiding from the Black community for decades and would like to keep hidden forever.”


Today, Life Dynamics has released the second of their new, hard-hitting FastForward video series.

The pro-life organization began the series in August of this year as a unique way to expose the true nature of America’s abortion industry and shock America into action. Life Dynamics president, Mark Crutcher, says these videos are doing just that.

Screen shot from the second FastForward video - A must watch video for the black community!
Video screenshot.

“The first wave of that project hit the Internet a few weeks ago and it is already creating the firestorm we predicted. Our Fast Forward Videos are going to expose the atrocities and crimes committed by Planned Parenthood and their accomplices.”

“Great video. Exposes the reality of adult men victimizing their underage daughters & other girls and how PP makes tons of $$ letting the cycle continue instead of calling the police. Wonder how Hillary would feel if it were Chelsea in the video??”

– YouTube comment on the first video in the FastForward series

Crutcher reveals that the second video exposes the atrocity that the abortion industry desperately wants to keep hidden – the real agenda behind America’s pro-choice movement.

“This is a tiny but powerful glimpse into an issue we first exposed in our Maafa 21 documentary. I assure you, this is something the American abortion lobby has been hiding from the Black community for decades and would like to keep hidden forever.”

This is the #1 killer of blacks in America - A must-watch video for the black community!
The second video was released on October 13, 2016.

Life Dynamics understands that the pro-life movement cannot allow the abortion lobby to dominate the electronic media as they do the mainstream media. Despite the fact that the second video is just under two minutes, it packs a powerful punch.

The national director of L.E.A.R.N., Rev. Johnny Hunter, states, “If you really think black lives matter, this video will definitely put things into perspective.”

Those wishing to watch the video can watch it below or on the videos page of the Life Dynamics website.


This video is part of a video series by Life Dynamics called FastForward Videos.

Those wanting an interview should call Sheila Crutcher at (940) 380-8800.

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