Abortion lobby does not want women to unchoose their abortion

Should women have the right to unchoose an abortion? Pro-lifers discuss abortion pill reversals and how the abortion lobby fights against it.

The abortion lobby always says that they are not for abortion, they are just for women having the “right to choose.” But apparently women should not have the right to un-choose,” Mark Crutcher, president Life Dynamics, Inc.

In the May 2015 episode of Life Talk TV, the panel again discusses abortion pill reversals, and how the for-profit abortion industry, through their patsies in the medical community, are attacking the research.

Guest Dr. Matthew Harrison, who has helped develop the protocols for abortion pill reversals of RU486, explains how his critics simply do not understand how medical research has worked for hundreds of years.

GUEST Dr Matt Harrison abortion pill reversal

After having Dr. Harrison on the April show, Mark Crutcher, host of Life Talk said he began to see reports of how the medical community were criticizing the abortion pill reversal research.

“I kind of saw that this was the fine hand of the abortion lobby,” said Crutcher.

This fits their pattern and has their fingerprints all over it,” he said.

Mark Crutcher Life Talk May 2015 abortion pill reversal

Crutcher finds the argument by some in the medical community that abortion pill reversals are outside the medical protocol to be hypocritical considering their own failure to adhere to FDA protocol when administering the pills.

These people are administering RU486 in ways that it was never approved for using protocol that was completely 180 degrees different than the clinical trials were used,” he said.


Dr. Harrison said that kind of argument will not hold water.

People need to understand how research is performed,” Dr. Harrison said.

    Unfortunately a lot of physicians and people in the abortion industry apparently don’t understand how basic research is done.

    “Initially, someone has an idea that makes scientific sense. Certainly, in this case, RU486 which is a blocker of progesterone, it seems like it would make perfect scientific sense to be able to undo that with extra progesterone. Because, as everyone in receptor biology knows, and are taught in very basic science class, that when a receptor receives a chemical that attaches to that receptor, it’s very rarely locked and never coming off. It is in a state of flux constantly.

    “And so, if we can introduce more progesterone that will activate the receptor then it makes good scientific sense that we could out compete the RU486 that is not allowing the receptor to work,”he said.

Dr. Harrison said that the second step in research is to see how it works in animal models.

We have seen in rat studies, from years ago, that if you administer both RU486 as well as progesterone at the same time, that the progesterone can outcompete the RU486 and nullify its effects.”

The next step can involve controlled or retrospective studies, according to Dr. Harrison, depending on what you are researching. He said that it would be unethical to have women become pregnant and give some RU486 with progesterone and some without the progesterone to see how many babies live.

He said that the reason all of the studies that he and his colleagues have done do not have an ethical board reviewing them is because they are all retrospective studies.

We find women who have made the decision on their own, to reverse their abortion. And then we’re following whatever protocol they were administered to see what the outcome is. And, so this is how research has been done really for hundreds of years especially in situations where we don’t exactly know the outcome and the outcome can be very life changing and can even lead to death.”

Dr Harrison said that they are in the process of establishing a protocol that is as effective and as safe as possible.

Troy Newman May 2015 Life Talk Tv

I find it very ironic,” said Life Talk co-host Troy Newman, “that the abortion cartel is calling for an ethical board to review the studies of people who are trying to save lives that the other side is trying to kill.”

And, they are not calling for an ethical board to review how RU486 is being used contrary to the clinical trials,” added Crutcher.

GUEST Dr Matt Harrison abortion pill reversal

Dr. Harrison said that he is used to the critics noting that he has been under attack for years for his stances in medicine.

“For instance,” Dr. Harrison said.

    A lot of the research that was done on smoking of course was done through Philip Morris researchers. And, a lot of us in the medical community said you know- that’s ridiculous, you know that smoking hurts people and kills people. But the industry and sometimes even media many years ago were saying that – no we have studies that show that smoking can even be healthy and beneficial for you.

    “This is very similar to how Planned Parenthood uses Guttmacher Institute which is essentially their research arm. Its just like Philip Morris using their researchers to stand up for tobacco. The abortion industry is using Guttmacher to stand up for abortion and it’s completely biased research ad has ulterior motives,” Dr. Harrison stated.

Dr. Harrison said that close to 300 physicians have signed up for the abortion pill reversal protocol with more being added almost daily.

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The abortion lobby always says that they are not for abortion, they are just for women having the “right to choose.” But apparently women should not have the right to unchoose,” Crutcher pointed out.

Crutcher has pointed out in the past how choice is a word the abortion lobby uses but has no intention to allow.

“Choice is a one way street. If you are choosing abortion we are on your side. If you are going to drift off here and maybe go to a CPC and not have an abortion we’re going to fight you tooth and nail,” is the abortion industry’s attitude Crutcher said.

Thankfully, today women who regret their abortion decision can reverse the effects of the abortion pill and unchoose their abortion.

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For anyone interested in reversing an abortion go to www.abortionpillreversal.com

Watch the full interview with Dr. Matthew Harrison below:

Watch the current Life Talk show here: http://www.lifetalktv.com

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