Shutting Down Forced Abortions

Shutting Down Forced Abortions

Abortion is supposed to be about “women’s reproductive rights” and a woman’s right to do with her body what she wishes – at least that’s what the abortion lobby has always said. But what happens when a woman doesn’t want to choose abortion? Sometimes she is forced. Yes, it is a real thing that does…

Hillary Clinton defended Partial Birth Abortion

2016 Democrat presidential hopeful, Hillary Rodham Clinton is so extreme on abortion that she once defended the horrific partial birth abortion procedure. In 2003, a law to ban Partial Birth Abortion came before the US Senate, and then Senator Hillary Clinton defended the gruesome late term procedure, opposed by a majority of American people. The…

What women need to know before they have an abortion

A brochure that tells women seeking abortion what their rights are is being used by pro-life advocates across the country. The Patient Rights Brochure created by Life Dynamics warns women not to let anyone perform an abortion unless they complete the document and provide the doctor’s name, malpractice insurance information, malpractice history and licensure status….

Saving babies with pro-life abortion animation

Unborn babies are being saved from abortion through the use of pro-life animation. One such tool geared to help explain the abortion procedure and it’s risks is Life Dynamics‘ animation DVD. This tool is a non-graphic animated presentation of the most common first and second trimester abortion procedures, including descriptions of potential injuries and complications….