The 12 Days of Christmas Deals

Life Dynamics Pro-Life Products Deals Specials

For the first time ever, Life Dynamics is offering 12 Days of Christmas deals on our pro-life products and tools.

Documentaries, pro-life gear, books, and tools for pro-lifers and sidewalk counselors – these deals have something for everyone and can be great stocking-stuffers. We hope that you will bring the pro-life spirit to some of your gifts, because the greatest gift of all is the gift of life!

December 11th: 50% Off our Clinic Worker Cards


There has never been a better deal on the cards that help people get out of the abortion industry and reach out to the women who have been injured!

December 12th: 50% off the Jesus Loves The Little Children Pamphlet


How many people love their neighbors enough to share the truth with them about abortion? It’s time to share with anyone who claims to be a Christian that it is their duty to speak for the unborn!

December 13th: Maafa 21 is only $4 each!

This documentary has revolutionized the pro-life movement! For only $4, this DVD is the perfect stocking-stuffer.

December 14th: All Action Card Packs are only $2.50!

These unique pro-life action cards feature 47 different messages that will make people think twice about abortion!

Prolife Message in business card size.

Sale includes the Clinic Worker cards, the “Help After Abortion” cards, the Maafa 21 promotional cards, and the action card variety packs!

December 15th: Buy one Protect The Unborn Pin, Get One Free

This year, we unveiled our Protect The Unborn lapel pins – and they were a huge success. These lapel pins make the perfect unique gift or stocking-stuffer! The deal ends at midnight, and we have a feeling they’ll disappear fast – so don’t miss your chance to save on these pins!


December 16th: Mark’s New Book, Siege, is 25% Off!

Less than two month’s since it’s release, Siege  has been receiving praise by those reading it. In a letter by Ed Dennis, he writes:

“This book was very enlightening and frightening as Mark places the players in the pro-choice movement in their respective roles and planned objectives. ObamaCare, abortion prices, inclusion of Planned Parenthood as a governmental entity and media accolades for the proponents of evil – his grasp of all the roles being played in this deathly drama again places Life Dynamics in the forefront of the battle! Mark’s book is written with great clarity and honesty in terms of what can be done and what can work.”

Don’t miss your chance to get a discount on the book that is being described as “worth reading over and over again” !

Siege, the new book by Life Dynamics president, Mark Crutcher.

December 17th: 50% Off Pamphlets!

(Excluding the Patient’s Rights Brochure)

The brochures from Life Dynamics are handy tools to get people to think twice about abortion. These attention grabbing handouts have been used at large events such as conventions, marches, and even outside abortion clinics. For some woman and her baby, these simple pamphlets made the difference between life and death. Click to see all our pamphlets.



December 18th: Exclusive Life Dynamics Mug On Sale for $9.95!

Drink your favorite beverage out of Life Dynamics’ exclusive mug. Perfect for either hot or cold drinks, this large mug is both microwave and dishwasher safe and features a bigger handle!


(Deal Ended)

December 19th: Abortion Animations DVDs are only $5!

This DVD uses 3D animation to depict the two most common surgical abortion procedures – the suction curettage method and the dilation and evacuation (D&E) method in a way that is medically accurate but isn’t gruesome.  The animations DVD is an excellent tool excellent tool for anybody who wants to learn more about abortion procedures and is perfect for for pregnancy resource centers, counseling, and youth education.


Animation Retained Fetal Parts

This DVD also addresses the most common types of abortion injuries.

December 20th: Lime 5 is only $5!

This book is a must read for anybody who wants to learn the truth about the abortion issue. Lime 5 provides a unique and uncensored look inside the abortion industry and fully documents how women are being sexually assaulted, mutilated, and killed inside legal abortion clinics. It also shows how pro-choice groups have used political power to fight off regulation of the abortion clinic business, and exposes a massive cover-up of abortion clinic disasters being carried out by an agency of the U.S. government. Other subjects that are covered in this book, include: medical evidence of the connection between abortion and breast cancer, how the abortion clinic business is collapsing because of the toll that abortions take on abortionists and clinic workers, the barriers faced by women who are injured by abortions when they seek compensation in the courts, and suggestions for solving these problems. If you are someone who wants to know how the abortion industry really is, then Lime 5 is the book for you!

Lime5 Sarah Ad

December 21st: 50% Off Answers Booklets!

‘Pro-Life Answers’ is easy to read and compact, so that anyone can have the answers right to the most common and difficult abortion issues at their fingertips, wherever they go.


Don’t miss your chance to get a great, last minute stocking-stuffer at an amazing price!

Check back each day until the 22nd for more pro-life Christmas Deals!

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