Prevent forced abortion – use this pro-life tool

A powerful pro-life tool helps prevent forced abortion in women or girls who are pregnant.

Life Dynamics has created a form that Pregnancy Help Centers, churches, schools, and side walk counselors can use to prevent forced abortions.

If a young girl is being forced to have an abortion by her boyfriend, parent, other adult, or even the parents of the boyfriend, she may be unable to stand against their demands after she confides her situation with a counselor or friend.

That is why Life Dynamics created the Force Form.

Force Form from website abortion Life Dynamics

When a counselor is told by a woman or a young girl that she is being forced to have an abortion, there are some things that can be done to show her how to take control of the situation without having to directly confront the person making the demand or intimidating her.

The Force Form simply spells out the woman or girl’s intention regarding her pregnancy.

Suport Life Dynamics prolife abortion

It puts everyone involved on notice that if she is brought to a medical facility i.e. abortion clinic or Planned Parenthood for an abortion, it will be against her will.

The form states in part, “I am currently pregnant…I have decided to continue my pregnancy to term. However, I am being subjected to coercion by others which is meant to compel me to terminate my pregnancy against my will….Should an abortion be performed on me under these circumstances, I will seek legal counsel regarding the criminal prosecution and/or civil liability of all participating members…”

Force Form signature abortion coercion

After she fills out the form and signs it, the counselor can then send it to every abortion facility that she might be taken to as well as every law enforcement agency with jurisdiction where she resides and those with jurisdiction where the abortion might be performed.

NOTE: if the person who says she if being forced is a minor- the form should also be sent to the Department of Children’s Services in that area.

Life Dynamics knows that, although abortion providers are often willing to do abortions on women even if they are aware that she is being forced into it, few clinics are willing to take the risk to perform the abortion if they know that others are aware that she is being forced.

Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics who created the form said that if you use the Force Form and use it right, it works 100% of the time, “One of the most common things we see is the mother of the little angel who got the girl pregnant is forcing the girl to have an abortion and the girl doesn’t even know she doesn’t have to go through with it.”

Crutcher said that the form puts abortion clinics on notice that they could be held liable, “What it does is it puts the abortion clinic on notice that this girl is saying she does not want to have this abortion. If the girl is brought to the clinic and they perform the abortion on her it will be against her will. This form exposes these clinics to all kinds of civil and sometimes criminal actions that might occur if they do the abortion after they’ve been given this notice. In some states you can even be charged with a sexual assault for doing this. The clinics are taking an enormous risk if they do the abortion and their legal exposure here is through the roof. We’ve never once seen people use this form that it did not wok.

If you are a pro-life pregnancy center and would like more information about this form and other tools Life Dynamics offers, contact Life Dynamics here.

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