313 corporations stop funding Planned Parenthood

Life Decisions International, a group which tracks corporate funding of Planned Parenthood, has announced that, to date, at least 313 corporations have agreed to stop funding Planned Parenthood, which has kept more than $42 million out of their child killing coffers. The group publishes a list of companies that fund the abortion giant and suggests…

Life Decisions International, a group which tracks corporate funding of Planned Parenthood, has announced that, to date, at least 313 corporations have agreed to stop funding Planned Parenthood, which has kept more than $42 million out of their child killing coffers.

Life Decisions Boycott Planned Parenthood

The group publishes a list of companies that fund the abortion giant and suggests that pro-lifers boycott them.

Top Planned Parenthood donors on Life Decisions list include Expedia (Expedia.com, Hotels.com, Hotwire.com, Trivago.com, Venere.com, CarRentals.com, etc.).

Corporations such as Arthur Murray Dance Studios, Bank of America, Bayer, Bikram’s Yoga, eBay (Including PayPal), Intuit, M&T, Starbucks, and Whole Foods are also among the current boycott targets.

According to Planned Parenthood’s latest annual report for 2013-2014 they performed 327,653 abortions in that year, an increase from the 2012-2013 number of 327,166 and a slight decrease from their 2011 to 2012 numbers of 333,964.

Planned Parenthood 2013 to 2014 annual report

In addition, the report indicates that by year end, the US Taxpayer had funded the abortion giant $528 MILLION in federal tax dollars down from $540.6 million in the previous year an estimated 41% of their entire budget.

For decades now, Planned Parenthood has operated the most proficient killing machine in the United States,” said Douglas R. Scott, Jr., president of the Planned Parenthood watchdog organization Life Decisions International (LDI). “And the machine continues to be oiled by American taxpayers.”

Scott points out that Planned Parenthood generated an estimated $140 million in revenue; a figure closely mirroring 2012. He said that Planned Parenthood then profited a whopping $127.1 million in fiscal year 2013-2014, a staggering 118% jump from their previous report.

PP Annual Report 2013 to 2014 profit

Planned Parenthood’s greatest ally has always been public ignorance of its agenda and activities. “The Pro-Life Movement can be proud for its ongoing efforts to expose PPFA’s agenda. The more public ‘black eyes’ the group receives, the harder it will be for it to get away with lying to and bullying the American people,” Scott stated.

Life Dynamics is dedicated to exposing Planned Parenthood.

Our documentary on the history of Planned Parenthood, Maafa21, continues to open the eyes of people nationwide who discover the racist history of the abortion giant. Because of our research and reports, the Black community has become aware of how Planned Parenthood targets them with eugenics.

In addition, Life Dynamics has published criminal cases summaries which prove that Planned Parenthood and the abortion lobby continues to cover for the sexual abuse of children. You can read that report here.

We invite pro-lifers to use the research Life Dynamics has published as they approach corporations who fund Planned Parenthood.


  1. Mike Lane says:

    Both Life Dynamics and Life Decisions International do great, quality work. It’s nice to where I can go to get information I know is accurate. That’s why I have supported both groups. Keep up the good work.

  2. I keep seeing the list of companies that find planned murderhood, as well as a list we should boycott. Is there a list of companies that are pro-life/LDI supporters or donators? I want to know where to direct my business and money to, not just where I shouldn’t.
    Thnx in advance

  3. Please, please, please post a list of pro life corporations so that I can sever business ties with my current companies and support those companies that support life.

  4. I too would like to know where I can find a list of businesses that support life.

  5. The support and protection of the most innocent is the most important protection we should fight and support. Nothing more is telling of the heart of a people.

  6. Mary Glynn says:

    Can’t someone come up with a way that we can STOP funding Planned Parenthood with our tax dollars!

  7. nancyarndt says:

    Thank you for your service! It is the greatest world war ever fought. The fight to protect our unborn children. God bless your efforts. Keep the faith

  8. I was sent a list showing that eBay is no longer on the Planned Parenthood boycott list. Can someone verify this?

  9. Does Paypal donate to Planned Parenthood

  10. Josephine says:

    But without Roe v Wade and without Planned Parenthood abortions won’t stop, women will die from botched abortions, CPS cases will increase, they will be more hungry mouths to feed, more children born with in-utero exposure to toxins

  11. Josephine, if we legalized outright murder, murders would increase, not decrease. If then we said, “No, no more outright murder,” murder would not stop, it would decrease and there would be penalty for it.
    Read up on the founder of Margret Sanger and realize that PP is not out there to help people but eradicate a race.

  12. Faith C. Alexander says:

    So, what are the 313 pro life companies? Where’s the list, PLEASE. Thankyou

  13. Here is a list of fashion designer that donate to planned parenthood. What is the world coming to?
    3.1 Phillip Lim

    Adam Selman

    Alice + Olivia


    Brandon Maxwell

    Brock Collection

    Brother Vellies



    Chloe Gosselin


    Cushnie et Ochs


    Edie Parker

    Gabriela Hearst

    Gypsy Sport

    Hause Alkire

    Jason Wu

    Jennifer Fisher

    Jonathan Simkhai

    Kate Spade


    Mara Hoffman


    Maria Cornejo

    Michelle Smith

    Narciso Rodriguez

    Prabal Gurung

    Proenza Schouler

    Public School

    Rachel Comey

    Rosetta Getty

    Rosie Assoulin

    Ryan Roche

    Simon Miller

    Tanya Taylor


    Tory Burch

    Tracy Reese

    Trina Turk

    Ulla Johnson


    Zac Posen

  14. I am a proud supporter of Planned Parenthood. Being raised Catholic with strict parents I had no one to talk to about birth control. Thank god for PP. and the figures are wrong on abortion. The number of abortions have gone down because teenagers are using birth control thru PP.

  15. Carlos M PerezCarlos says:

    I would like to see the list of pro life companies that support life .. I feel this 313 is very vaige.. please if there is a list post it.. Thank you.

  16. jean appleton says:

    I recently read that the girl scouts support pp. how will those little girls feel when they find out they have been helping kill babies. Discusting.

  17. John Davis says:

    So where is the ‘List’

  18. Jeanne Marie Hoyenski says:

    Is there a list of companies that DO NOT support planned parenthood?

  19. Pluto TV plays commercials supporting these baby killers, I refuse to watch stations that support this type of behavior, Adoption NOT abortion, and of course birth control and not in the form of abortion, that is NOT planned !

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