Life Talk Is Back & Better Than Ever!

We’ve made a lot of changes to LifeTalk over the years, and through all these changes we’ve found ways to make the show better. And we think we’ve done that again.

It was May of 1999, when Life Dynamics released America’s first pro-life tv talk show, Life Talk.

With this groundbreaking show, viewers have been given current pro-life news and hard-hitting discussions on topics relating to abortion, met the unsung heroes on the front lines of the pro-life movement, and learned how to respond to many pro-choice arguments. Of course, Life Talk has gone through many changes since it was released in 1999.

In an intro on the the November 2015 DVD, Life Dynamics president and Life Talk co-host, Mark Crutcher, states:

“The fact is, times are changing; and if the pro-life movement doesn’t change with them, we will get left behind. And that applies to Life Talk. The things that worked for us in 1999, when we did our first show, will not work today – and they certainly won’t work in the future.”

That being said, Life Dynamics was careful about how the show would change.

In fact, staff members of Life Dynamics recently conducted a massive phone survey with Life Talk subscribers about what the viewers liked, what should change, how long it should be, and more. Mark Crutcher is optimistic about the new changes made to the show based on the information gained from the survey.

“We’ve made a lot of changes over the years, and I want to think that through all these changes we’ve found ways to make the show better. And we think we’ve done that again.”

The new show has been optimized as a 30 minute web show that is released every other week on The panel, which is now smaller, features familiar faces from the previous shows: Renee Hobbs (the vice-president of Life Dynamics) and Destiny Herndon-DelaRosa (New Wave Feminist).

Despite being shorter, it will still have hard-hitting discussions on abortion and will feature new segments, as well as ones viewers asked to be brought back. Life Dynamics’ overall goal for the new show is to make it a web show that is relevant to what Mark calls the “social media generation” and expand the audience of Life Talk from the current subscribers.

“We have a whole new generation of young people coming into the pro-life movement…We’re either going to educate these people or we’re going to loose them.”

Although the format is being enhanced for web viewing, the changes are in fact better for subscribers who are receiving the show on DVD. Shooting the shows more often will allow for more current and buzzworthy news to be discussed on the show, and also may allow for in-studio guests that were not possible before. Subscribers of the show on DVD will receive the two to three episodes that aired that month, meaning that they will receive the same amount of content on the DVDs as before.

However, Mark warns that the option to give viewers Life Talk on DVD won’t last much longer because “DVDs are on the way out.”

It’s because of this fact that Life Dynamics is now offering the yearly DVD subscriptions for free. Those wishing to subscribe for free may do so here on the Life Dynamics website or at the LifeTalk web store. Subscriptions may also be placed by calling the office at (940)380-8800.