Charleston church shooting and abortion is there a connection?

A national pro-life leader has drawn a connection between abortion and the way society devalues human life evidenced by the recent church shootings in Charleston, South Carolina.

In the July 2015 Life Talk TV show, host Mark Crutcher tells his audience how analysts in the media have failed to point to abortion as a reason for the loss of respect for human life following the devastating murders of nine Black church members.

Charelston church shooting and abortion Life Talk July 2015

The Life Dynamics president makes it clear that no one can overstate the horror of what happened when 21-year old Dylann Root opened fire in one of the most famous churches in the South on June 17, 2015.

Dylann Root charleston church shooting

Root admitted he had second thoughts about murdering the “Mother Emanuel” church members which included their pastor Rev. Clementa Pinckney.

According to reports, Root told investigators that he wanted to start a race war when, in cold-blood, he slaughtered nine Black Christians attending the prayer meeting inside the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.

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Crutcher reminded his viewers of the amazing way that the family and members of the church responded to Root after the shootings.

Their words of forgiveness were captured by the news media at Root’s arraignment show below.

If you ever saw the way Christ had us to respond, you saw it in the people in that church,” Crutcher pointed out emotionally.

“Within hours they were saying we forgive this guy, we’re praying for him. They’re praying for him…It was truly amazing to watch,” he stated.


Crutcher said that watching the pundits discuss the incident days after the shootings disturbed him because no one was suggesting that abortion has helped to create a culture where we devalue human life.

The thing that has angered me about this deal,” Crutcher told his Life Talk viewers, “I’ve watched some of these shows on television where you have these panels. And these are all the deep thinkers, smarter than all the rest of us, right? And, we’ve got to think about what’s causing this.

“Oh, it’s the gun culture. Oh, it’s video games. And, we have this nationwide loss of respect for human life. We don’t value human life like we used to. And, they’ll go down all the list.”

Mark Crutcher Life Talk July 2015

Crutcher said he watched entire panels of people asking what we should do about “this problem” and despite some of the panel members claiming to be pro-life, not one mentioned abortion as a reason for the lack of respect for human life.

Crutcher, who seemed very disturbed about the shootings, could not understand how society could look at the way our culture devalues human life and not bring up abortion.

How can you in a culture, that has now devolved to this point, where we see these things relatively common now. How can you say we’re going to have a discussion about what’s leading up to this loss of respect for human life, but we’re not going to talk about abortion?” he asked.

Watch below:

For the current Life Talk show, click here.

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Roof has been charged with nine counts of murder, one for each person killed in the attack. In addition, he has been indicted on three charges of attempted murder as well as a weapons charge.

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