Shutting Down Forced Abortions

Abortion is supposed to be about “women’s reproductive rights” and a woman’s right to do with her body what she wishes – at least that’s what the abortion lobby has always said.

But what happens when a woman doesn’t want to choose abortion?

Sometimes she is forced. Yes, it is a real thing that does happen. We at Life Dynamics, have touched on this subject before, exposing the fact that women are not only hurt but sometimes killed for refusing to have abortions. Our “Under-the-Radar Violence in the Conflict Over Abortion” report exposed how big of a problem this really is. This issue, of course, has been ignored by the abortion lobby. They have always emphasized “the right to choose” when it comes to the abortion issue. The truth is, for them, it’s not about “helping” females but rather keeping abortion legal and the profit that they make. So, it is up to the pro-life side to try to help the mom and save the baby.

When it comes to forced abortions, many pro-lifers don’t know what to do. It can often seem like a David vs. Goliath situation. First, let’s make it perfectly clear – forcing females into having abortions is 100% illegal, even if the female is a minor. So never let anyone tell you that females can be forced into having abortions, or in certain situations that it’s okay.

What can you do then, when you encounter this situation?

Forced Abortion

Use the “Force Form”, which is a powerful pro-life tool that will help in this situation.

Mark Crutcher, who created the form, stated that “it puts the abortion clinic on notice that this girl is saying she does not want to have this abortion. If the girl is brought to the clinic and they perform the abortion on her, it will be against her will. This form exposes these clinics to all kinds of civil and sometimes criminal actions that might occur if they do the abortion after they’ve been given this notice. In some states you can even be charged with sexual assault for doing this.”

He adds, “the clinics are taking an enormous risk if they do the abortion and their legal exposure here is through the roof. We’ve never once seen people use this form that it did not work.”

Here’s How to Use It:
  1. Download and Print the “Force Form” for free, here.
  2. Fill out the form and once completed, have the female sign it, and give her a copy of the completed document after she has signed it.
  3. Then send a copy to every abortion facility, including Planned Parenthoods, that the female might be taken to.
  4. Also send one to every law enforcement agency with jurisdiction where she resides and those with jurisdiction where the abortion might be performed.
  5. If the female is a minor, the form should also be sent to the Department of Children’s Services in her area.

Why it works…

Although abortion providers are often willing to do abortions on women even if they are aware that she is being forced into it, few clinics are willing to take the risk to perform the abortion if they know that others are aware that she is being forced. Which is why this “Force Form” is so effective. So, use this powerful tool and let other Pregnancy Help Centers, churches, schools, side walk counselors, and other pro-lifers know about it!

If you would like more information about this form and to learn more about other tools that Life Dynamics offers, contact us at (940) 380-8800.

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