Mark Crutcher’s New Book, Siege, Is a Game Changer For The Pro-Life Movement

In his new book, Siege, Mark Crutcher contends that the pro-life movement is entering a new phase in the battle for the unborn. Will you be prepared?


In his new book, Siege, Mark Crutcher contends that the pro-life movement is entering a new phase in the battle for the unborn.

Siege - A Pro-Life Field Manual by Mark Crutcher

As the president of Life Dynamics, an organization dedicated to being innovative and providing unique tactics to this movement, he has seen this new era coming for a while. Crutcher warns, however, that victory is only possible if the pro-life movement is prepared to adjust its strategies and tactics.

“We need a cohesive plan across the pro-life movement for how we’re going to proceed in the new environment that we have – where there are all these opportunities that we’ve never had before. I think we need to recognize that the strategies that got us where we are today, won’t get us where we want to be tomorrow. We have to move with the times and adopt new philosophies, new principles, and new tactics.”

Just as in his previous book, Lime 5, Crutcher reveals shocking information in Siege that has never been made public before, and points out crucial things that happen in this conflict that go completely unnoticed.

“Those of us in the pro-life movement full time, get a view of the battle that other people simply can’t get. What I tried to do in this book, is bring those perspectives to every pro-lifer while giving my ideas for how we proceed going forward. I want the reader to come away with at least a better understanding of what this battle is about, because I can assure you that it is far different from the inside looking out than from the outside looking in,” said Crutcher.

But this book is not just for those who work full time in the pro-life movement. Mr. Crutcher states that his book is for everyone. “Whether you’re, what I call, a weekend warrior, or you’re a full time leader in the pro-life movement, or you’re somebody who financially supports the pro-life movement – I think its important for you to know that what you’re doing is effective. If you’re going to follow leaders in the pro-life movement, you need to know that they have some sort of plan that is designed to win this thing, not just put up a good fight.”

In the end, whether readers agree with everything contained in Siege or not, this book provides a unique look at the journey ahead for the pro-life movement.

Siege is now available or order online or by calling (940)380-8800.

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