Saving babies with pro-life abortion animation

Unborn babies are being saved from abortion through the use of pro-life animation. One such tool geared to help explain the abortion procedure and it’s risks is Life Dynamics‘ animation DVD. This tool is a non-graphic animated presentation of the most common first and second trimester abortion procedures, including descriptions of potential injuries and complications….

Unborn babies are being saved from abortion through the use of pro-life animation.

One such tool geared to help explain the abortion procedure and it’s risks is Life Dynamics‘ animation DVD.

Animation DVD abortion risks by Life Dynamics

This tool is a non-graphic animated presentation of the most common first and second trimester abortion procedures, including descriptions of potential injuries and complications.

This is an excellent tool for crisis pregnancy centers, counseling and youth education.

This medical education abortion video uses state of the art 3-D computer generated animation to depict the two most common surgical abortion procedures – the suction curettage abortion method and the dilation and evacuation, or D&E, abortion method.


Though this video is medically accurate, it was designed so that it would not be too gruesome for the average person to watch.

This DVD was created with the guidance of experienced Ob/Gyns and cross-referenced with several abortion textbooks, and the animation is followed by a discussion about the most common types of abortion injuries.

Animation Retained Fetal Parts

Animation Uterine Perforation

The DVD has been used many times by pro-life Pregnancy Resource Centers to save unborn babies from abortion as the testimonies below from our TV show, Life Talk, prove:

In addition, pro-life sidewalk counselors have also had success using Life Dynamics‘ animation DVD as Vicki Klein details on this past episode of Life Talk TV:

Life Dynamics has documented that women are often unaware of the potential risks from abortion.

In fact, Life Dynamics details the horrors of legal abortion in Mark Crutcher’s book, Lime 5 which is available at a special rate in bulk by contacting Life Dynamics, Inc.

Lime5 Sarah Ad

In addition, Life Dynamics has published a compelling interview with the family of a woman whose life was changed forever on her 18th birthday because of the unfortunate “choice” she made.

Life Dynamics has also published autopsy pictures of a woman and her unborn child killed from legal abortion at the request of the victim’s mother.

Those images and a video message from the victim’s mother can be viewed at the website

Safe and Legal Prochoice Death List

In addition to the autopsy photos, Life Dynamics has a list of the names of women killed from legal abortion.


  1. Indoctrinated by the public schools (+media) by sex ed program, I had no idea what abortion really was. We were the first group the public schools taught this to, post Roe v. Wade (minds of mush). Went to art school and lost my innocence soon after graduation and found myself pregnant. Went to “family planning clinic.” Told baby just a blob of tissue and a potential life.

    I had never even been to an ob/gyn (later found out through several doctors that I had a severely retroverted uterus, folded like a wallet…
    So I went in there for an abortion, scared to death, at 11 weeks pregnant. Yes, the still, small voice in me told this doesn’t feel right, but fear won over.

    Long story short, abortionist went my uterus blind with sharp instrument and suction hose. It was over in minutes. Little did I realize that I would be taking half my murdered baby home with me on that busy Saturday. For the next several weeks, I went into a kind of labor. With each painful pass, I saw pieces of my aborted baby. Like the pieces in the pie dish in the Center for Medical Progress exposé, only my baby was starting to decompose–tiny fish like bones, pieces of organs, etc. This is when the horror truly began… For my eyes only to see. Then living at home at the time, I was getting out of the shower when my parents called me for a phone call. I went downstairs in a thick robe, but no undergarment. Tried to make the call fast because I kept bleeding heavily. After the call, my parents asked me a question as I was headed back upstairs (about 2 weeks after the abortion). As I was speaking to them, a huge chunk came traveling down my leg, followed by a stream of blood, and landed on the tile. I remember this like it was yesterday.
    They looked at each other with this sick panic. My Mom had 4 children and had never seen anything like this. Should we take her to the ER? I lied due my shame and said it was an especially heavy period. I remember the look in my Mom’s eye, who just died this month, like didn’t believe me. Both parents did not even know until later in life that abortion was being taught to their children until years later… This abortion has greatly hurt my family.
    This has been a severely traumatizing nightmare I am still trying to heal from to this very day. Once promising, my life went into a huge downward spiral where I became inconsolable. I no longer wished to live. I told myself I am going to hell. I beat myself up daily, mercilessly: “You killed your own innocent precious baby. You’re a baby-killer.” An endless loop of this self-talk and the images of what I seen and smelled with not one day relief.
    Alcohol did not help. Anti-anxiety and anti-depressants did not help. I made 2 suicide attempts. Did I mention this one abortion sterilized me for life? Uterine perforation and scarring prevented any future pregnancy and ended up in a hysterectomy. I married a godly Christian man who gently tried to disciple me.
    After second suicide attempt, I made myself, for the first time, watch It was at that time that I cried out to the Lord for forgiveness on my hands and knees over this abortion. After seeing the video, I cried for days on end over the horror of abortion. Over and over, I cried out for help and begged God’s forgiveness. I became a born-again Christian, attended healing programs. That was 6-7 years ago. I am now a pro-life activist who wants to stop this atrocity. Not only does it murder an innocent baby, but this evil leaves behind a trial of millions of destroyed lives.
    Many in my family will not even hear my story. In the years before my Mom’s passing, I learned that she harbored so much guilt over this. I explained to her that it wasn’t her fault. We cried and embraced as pro-life sisters several times-my precious Mom who I just lost, now in heaven with my baby. She understood my pain. I converted my 81 year old father to the pro-life cause. On his own, he walked into his first pro-life meeting at his church in 2015. He returned to his Christian faith in 2014 after decades away.

    I own Lime5. It’s an important part of my pro-life library. I was recently told that if I got more involved in the pro-life cause, people wouldn’t like me. She didn’t realize I have a growing network of pro-life friends. God bless you for your pro-life work. I will fight this until I take my last breath.

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