Abortionist Naresh Patel Finally Loses Medical License For Good

In the 26 years as a practicing abortionist, Naresh Patel was no stranger to the court room. But it was selling chemical abortions to women who were not pregnant that would cause him to lose his license for good.

Patel’s scam to deliberately sell abortions to women who are not pregnant backfires.

In the 26 years as a practicing abortionist, Naresh Patel was no stranger to the court room. It wouldn’t be the numerous abortion injury lawsuits, being caught improperly disposing of the bodies of aborted babies, being sued for assault and battery, being sued for sexual harassment, or being on trial for sexual assault and battery – that would land Patel in jail and have his medical license permanently stripped from him.

Abortionist Naresh Patel Sentenced
Patel Sentenced. Screen Capture from NewsOk segment.

It would take an undercover investigation, sparked by a complaint filed by Operation Rescue, proving Patel was selling chemical abortions (at $620 each) to three women who were not pregnant.

eight more patients came forward to talk about their experiences with the abortionist. In the report by KFOR, one of the women claimed that he lied to her about how far along she was in order to charge her more money for an abortion.

I went back, and they quickly did this ultrasound and he immediately said ‘You’re two weeks further along than what you’re telling me,’ and I said, ‘I don’t know how that could be.  They said, ‘Well, that’s going to be another $500.

Because she was scared and didn’t know what to do – she paid them.

(See more in the Life Dynamics Blog Post: Eight more patients come forward on abortionist arrested and charged with fraud.)

Patel arrested

When police raided and searched his home and the Outpatient Services for Women clinic on December 9th, 2014, Patel was arrested and his clinic closed.

Now it looks as if the clinic will never open again.

When Patel plead guilty Friday, his plea agreement stated he was never to hold direct or indirect interest in any medical clinic and that he could never practice medicine again.  In addition, he was sentenced 18 days in a private correctional facility with 10 years of probation and will be forced to pay a $20,000 fine.

Read more about the those inside the white coat in the abortion industry at:

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