Episode 111 | China’s Population Crisis

Episode 111 | China’s Population Crisis

With all the recent news and revelations about China, we decided to discuss China’s population crisis and its push for dominance despite the data showing that their population bust is happening much faster than anyone anticipated. We reveal what this means for China’s economic state and how it has impacted their laws limiting the number of children families are allowed to have. Plus, we discuss the shocking loss in Kansas and a New York Times article that claims that, “the line between abortion and pregnancy loss has always been blurry.”

Episode 46 |  The Alarming Decline of Birth Rates Worldwide

Episode 46 | The Alarming Decline of Birth Rates Worldwide

Researchers and economists are calling worldwide plunges in birth rates a “crisis.” We discuss what some countries are doing in the hopes of reversing it, the potential ramifications of this, and how it is all connected to legalized abortion and “population control.” Plus, we reveal how one Danish travel agency is selling traveling as a way to “save Denmark.”

Couple refuses to abort unborn baby diagnosed with severe heart defect

A couple whose unborn baby was diagnosed with a severe heart defect refused doctor’s advice to have an abortion and are now waiting for a heart transplant for their daughter. At 20 weeks, just before Christmas last year, doctors told parents Rachel Boddle and Tom Butler that their unborn daughter had only half a heart….